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An Immortal who had a touchy-feely Quickening after centuries as a warmonger and became a monk. Duncan first encountered him at Waterloo in 1815. (A13, Band of Brothers).

Dark Quickening
Duncan had one of these when he took the immortal Coltec's head. It seems all the evil the Hayoka had absorbed over the centuries was channelled into the Highlander. Silly boy (D13, Something Wicked; D14, Deliverance).

Darius (Werner Stocker).

Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes).

Joe Dawson
Duncan's personal Watcher and high-ranking member of The Watchers (see W).

Charlie DeSalvo
A mortal friend of MacLeod's who owned the Dojo in Seacouver that MacLeod moved to after Tessa's death. He, along with Joe Dawson, also neatly fulfills any American series' requirement of featuring an ex-army veteran as one of its regulars.

Dodgy Accents
Just listen to American stars trying to pull off an English accent. On an almost completely unrelated note, fans of Frasier should be under no illusions that the actor playing Daphne's boyfriend from Manchester got the accent in any way - Mancunians do not sound like Dick Van Dyke (neither do Londoners, for that matter).

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