Nis for...

Tessa Noel (Alexandra Vandernoot).

Tessa Noel
MacLeod's mortal lover from 1980-93 (A1, The Gathering - B4, The Darkness). 'Tessa' also returned in the form of assassin Lisa Halle after the miracle of plastic surgery (B21-22, Counterfeit parts one and two), and then Tessa herself returned in a parallel universe where Duncan had never existed (F12, To Be; F13, Not to Be).
Cleopatra's handmaiden. Buried with her Queen in 30BC (well, it's one way to avoid fellow headhunters), she is revived by Duncan in 1993, and (wait for it) very quickly becomes his lover. It doesn't last (B18, Pharoah's Daughter).

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