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Richie meets a beautiful young woman who leads him into the world of haute couture. His youthful jealousy causes him to run afoul of a world-class fashion designer, a deadly Immortal.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92124-19
bulletOriginal US airdate: 3rd May, 1993
bulletWritten by: Christian Bouveron & Larry Shore
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Nigel Terry (Gabriel Piton), Katia Douvalian (Maya); Rachel Palmieri (Cynthia Hampton), Thomas Kaufman (Police Detective), Olivier Pierre (Waiter), Edwin Gerard (Lawyer), Manault Deva (Duchess)

bullet1799, France
Duncan and Gabriel booze together in Napoleonic Europe.
bullet1803, England
Duncan fights off Gabriel when he catches Piton stealing from the duchess Duncan is currently having an affair with.

Other Immortals
bulletGabriel Piton

bulletNigel Terry is a seasoned British film actor. For me he's best remembered as Prince John in the original 1968 film of The Lion in Winter, and as King Arthur in Excalibur. He hails from Bristol (or 'Brisssle', as it's sometimes pronounced round here).

I'm a big fan of Nigel Terry, and he makes a dangerous enemy for both Richie and Mac in this entertaining, fast-paced episode. B+


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Seacouver episodes
A1: The Gathering (C+)
A2: Family Tree (C+)
A3: The Road Not Taken (B-)
A4: Innocent Man (B)
A5: Free Fall (D+)
A6: Bad Day in Building A (C-)
A7: Mountain Men (C+)
A8: Deadly Medicine (C)
A9: The Sea Witch (B-)
A10: Revenge is Sweet (C)
A11: See No Evil (C-)
A12: Eyewitness (C+)
A13: Band of Brothers (A-)

Paris episodes
A14: For Evil's Sake (C+)
A15: For Tomorrow We Die (B)
A16: The Beast Below (C+)
A17: Saving Grace (B)
A18: The Lady and the Tiger (C+)
A19: Eye of the Beholder (B+)
A20: Avenging Angel (A-)
A21: Nowhere to Run (B-)
A22: The Hunters (B+)

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