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Richie wants to protect Laura Daniels, a young woman who's on the run from an Immortal bounty hunter, Mako. MacLeod has met Mako befoe and doesn't like his methods, but he knows the other man is lawful. He questions whether Laura is necessarily innocent. Richie doesn't care, he wants to help her anyway, no matter what it takes, leaving Mac caught between doing what's right and helping his friend.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93212-34
bulletOriginal US airdate: 7th February, 1994
bulletWritten by: Peter Mohan
bulletDirected by: Clay Borris
bulletGuest Cast: Jonathan Banks (Mako), Deanna Milligan (Laura), Lochlyn Munro (Tim); Howard Storey (Sheriff), Gregory Smith (Kid)

bullet1882, Pacific North West, USA
Duncan tries to protect a young man from Mako. The young man is shot.

Other Immortals

bulletJonathan Banks previously starred with Jim Byrnes in the CBS show Wiseguy in the late 80s.
bulletMako proves to be the generous donor of Richie's first Quickening.
bulletThis episode was originally transmitted 13th in the show's second season, when 'Bless This Child' (B13) was promoted up the order to 11th.

Like the Mako stuff, don't like the idea that Richie could beat him.


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