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Fellow Immortal Greg Powers invites MacLeod to his photography showing. At the gallery, MacLeod is deeply disturbed by the violent images of his friend's work, but what becomes more disturbing than the fact that Greg's personality has been replaced by that of a hardened cynic. As he reviews Greg's work, he comes across a photograph taken of himself 50 years ago, which triggers a flashback of a time he spent with a young photographer called Linda Plager. In a chance meeting, Linda - now 73 years old - recognises Duncan as her old mentor and lover, which thoroughly convinces her nurse that she's senile.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93202-24
bulletOriginal US airdate: 4th October, 1993
bulletWritten by: Naomi Jansen
bulletDirected by: Peter Ellis
bulletGuest Cast: Joel Wiker (Greg Powers), Sheila Moore (Linda Plager); Gillian Carfra (Young Linda), Shane Kelly (Jonathan), Dwight McFee (Ray Holstrom), Patti Allan (Nurse), Mikal Dughi (Mother), Cayde Ritchie (Frightened Boy)

bullet1883, Pacific North West, USA
Duncan and Gregor try to help in a cholera epidemic. Gregor is 'killed' by a distraught father.
bullet1938, Pacific North West, USA
Duncan meets and has relationship with Linda Plager, a photographer. He tells her to look for the good in her work. She tells him to leave because his love is a distraction to her work.

Other Immortals
bulletGreg Powers

bulletSheila Moore has also guest-starred in two X-Files episodes, 'Deep Throat' and 'Excelsius Dei' respectively. Other genre guest-starring roles: Millennium, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Smallville.

An interesting look into how Immortals can change over time. The sub-plot with Linda Plager is best forgotten, however. B


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Seacouver episodes
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B2: Studies in Light (B)
B3: Turnabout (C-)
B4: The Darkness (B+)
B5: An Eye For An Eye (C+)
B6: The Zone (B-)
B7: The Return of Amanda (B)
B8: Revenge of the Sword (C-)
B9: Run for Your Life (B+)
B10: Epitaph for Tommy (C-)
B11: The Fighter (A-)
B12: Under Color of Authority (B+)
B13: Bless This Child (C+)
B14: Unholy Alliance (I) (C+)

Paris episodes
B15: Unholy Alliance (II) (A-)
B16: The Vampire (B-)
B17: Warmonger (B)
B18: Pharaoh's Daughter (A-)
B19: Legacy (A)
B20: Prodigal Son (B-)
B21: Counterfeit (I) (C-)
B22: Counterfeit (II) (B)

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