Season two credits

Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel, episodes 1-4)
Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo, episodes 5-15)
Michel Modo (Maurice, episodes 15-22)
Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)

Based on the character created by Gregory Widen
Executive Producers: Peter S Davies, William Panzer, Christian Charret, Marlia Ginsburg
Co-Executive Producer: Nicholas Clermont
Producer: Ken Gord
Associate Producer: Marc du Pontavice
Co-ordinating Producer: Denis Leroy
Executive Story Editor: David Tynan
Creative Consultant: David Abramowitz
Theme music: Queen
Music: Roger Bellon

Opening narration (Jim Byrnes):
"He is Immortal, born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland. He is not alone. There are others like him: some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die - unless you take his head, and with it, his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander."

The Seacouver episodes

B1: The Watchers
B2: Studies in Light
B3: Turnabout
B4: The Darkness
B5: An Eye For An Eye
B6: The Zone
B7: The Return of Amanda
B8: Revenge of the Sword
B9: Run for Your Life
B10: Epitaph for Tommy
B11: The Fighter
B12: Under Color of Authority
B13: Bless This Child
B14: Unholy Alliance (part one)
The Paris episodes

B15: Unholy Alliance (part two)
B16: The Vampire
B17: Warmonger
B18: Pharoah's Daughter
B19: Legacy
B20: Prodigal Son
B21: Counterfeit (part one)
B22: Counterfeit (part two)
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