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One year on from the devastating events of E18, 'Archangel' Duncan MacLeod returns from his self-imposed exile in the Far East. But is his demon still waiting for him, and is there any way he can defeat it?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 97601-107
bulletOriginal US airdate: 29th September, 1997
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Hudson (Ahriman/Horton), Rachel Shelley (Sophie Baines), Danny Dyer (Andrew Baines), Odile Cohen (Anna); Fethi Zouaoui (flower vendor), Leonard Guillain (mover), Nathalie Gray (morgue attendant)


Other Immortals

bulletUK telly addicts will have seen Rachel Shelley appear in a series of commercials, including the Wella sponsorship ad that preceded the first showing of the fifth season of Friends on Sky One and Channel 4.
bulletDespite elevating both Peter Wingfield's and Elizabeth Gracen's names to the opening credits, neither actually appear in the show until the last three episodes of the season.

Things sag further in this season-six opener, and the patchy quality of earlier seasons returns to Highlander.


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Season Six list
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Paris episodes
F1: Avatar (C)
F2: Armageddon (C+)
F3: Sins of the Father (B+)
F4: Diplomatic Immunity (C+)
F5: Patient Number 7 (C)
F6: Black Tower (C+)
F7: Unusual Suspects (B+)
F8: Justice (B-)
F9: Deadly Exposure (B-)
F10: Two of Hearts (C)
F11: Indiscretions (B+)
F12: To Be (B+)
F13: Not to Be (A-)

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