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Now that his grandson, Carl, manages the bank, George Thomas can relax with his old friend, Duncan MacLeod. But the good life is cut short when George's car explodes in a ball of flames - leaving MacLeod to find George's killer. The trail leads to Alex Raven, a beautiful Immortal with a taste for danger and a 50-year-old promise to fulfill... no matter what the cost to anyone else.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 97603-109
bulletOriginal US airdate: 13th October, 1997
bulletWritten by: James Thope
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Dara Tomanovich (Alex Raven), Charles Daish (Grant Thomas), John Scarborough (George), Joe Searby (Gerard), Ian Richardson (Max Leiner); Aaron Swartz (David Leiner), Dean Cook (Young Max), Jay Simon (Cameron)

bullet18th Century, Europe
Duncan meets Alex for the first time, just as she takes an Immortal opponent's head after he murdered her lover.

Other Immortals
bulletAlex Raven

bulletAlex Raven was born sometime between 50 and 120AD in northern England (Cumbria, or 'Cwmbria' as she pronounces it).
bulletThe late Ian Richardson was a superb character actor and is sorely missed, best known in Britain for his role in the House of Cards trilogy. He also appeared opposite Sir Alec Guinness in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. His son Miles guested as an Immortal in The Raven (R19, 'The Manipulator').

Thank goodness - by season-six standards an excellent episode. Alex Raven makes for an interesting character, and would have been my choice for the lead in The Raven.


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