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Highlander: Endgame
Since the series finished its run in 1998, there has been just one movie set in this particular Highlander universe where the Game is still a long way from its conclusion.

Endgame was pilloried by fans and critics alike on its release in September, 2000. A lot of this criticism was due to the appalling edit that Dimension Films did, leading to a film with most of its best bits left on the cutting room floor. Even now I can't understand why it ever thought an 87-minute film would work - if nothing else, it's tantamount to a rip off.

Luckily for me, I didn't see the film until the 101-minute version was released on DVD. By that time, my expectations were rock bottom. While not overwhelmed by the film, I've come to look on it as a valid part of the Highlander mythos, although certain bits work better than others. At least in this version we see why Jacob Kell is the way he is, plus we even get to see Methos with some chunky dialogue and Joe Dawson make an appearance too.

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