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It's not until the fourth episode of the second season that the show sees its first major makeover, with the departure of Alexandra Vandernoot. Tessa's absence is well-played as a back-story for much of the season, with Duncan struggling to come to terms with this major change in his life. Richie's character starts to develop to, and course, behind it all, is the discovery and development of the Watchers organisation.

Opening narration (Jim Byrnes)
"He is Immortal, born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland. He is not alone. There are others like him: some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die - unless you take his head, and with it, his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander."

bulletAdrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
bulletStan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
bulletAlexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel - episodes 1-4)
bulletPhilip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo, episodes 5-15)
bulletMichel Modo (Maurice, episodes 15-22)
bulletJim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)

Based on the character created by Gregory Widen

Executive Producers Peter S Davis, William Panzer, Christian Charret, Marlia Ginsburg

Co-Executive Producer Nicholas Clermont

Producer Ken Gord

Associate Producer Marc du Pontavice

Co-ordinating Producer Denis Leroy

Executive Story Editor David Tynan

Creative Consultant David Abramowitz

Theme music Queen

Music Roger Bellon

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Season Two list
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Seacouver episodes
B1: The Watchers (B-)
B2: Studies in Light (B)
B3: Turnabout (C-)
B4: The Darkness (B+)
B5: An Eye For An Eye (C+)
B6: The Zone (B-)
B7: The Return of Amanda (B)
B8: Revenge of the Sword (C-)
B9: Run for Your Life (B+)
B10: Epitaph for Tommy (C-)
B11: The Fighter (A-)
B12: Under Color of Authority (B+)
B13: Bless This Child (C+)
B14: Unholy Alliance (I) (C+)

Paris episodes
B15: Unholy Alliance (II) (A-)
B16: The Vampire (B-)
B17: Warmonger (B)
B18: Pharaoh's Daughter (A-)
B19: Legacy (A)
B20: Prodigal Son (B-)
B21: Counterfeit (I) (C-)
B22: Counterfeit (II) (B)

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