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According to local legend, 400 years ago Duncan MacLeod came back from the dead to kill Kanwulf, the Viking scourge of his clan. But at the same time a mysterious MacLeod returns to his birthplace for the first time in 250 years bearing a strange bracelet, a spate of grave robberies and murders bearing the hallmarks of Kanwulf leave locals divided over who exactly might be terrorising them again.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95401-67
bulletOriginal US airdate: 29th September, 1995
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Adrian Paul
bulletGuest Cast: Kristin Minter (Rachel MacLeod), Matthew Walker (Ian MacLeod), Carsten Norgaard (Kanwulf); Laurie Holden (Debra Campbell), Scott McNeil (Robert MacLeod), Anna Hagan (Mary MacLeod), Ewan (Sudsy) Clark (George Lalonde), John Tierney (Angus), William Samples (Bruce), Gerard Plunkett (James Bailey), Robert Moloney (Kevin McSwain), Billy Mitchell (Brian McSwain), Forbes Angus (Constable), Andrew MacGregor (Donal)

bullet1618, MacLeod settlement, Scotland
Duncan's first love is promised to his clansman, and although Duncan is prepared - reluctantly - to let her go, tragedy follows.
bullet1624, MacLeod settlement, Scotland
Two years after being banished from his clan for coming back from the dead, a confused MacLeod - still unsure who or what he is - returns to avenge his father's death at the hands of Kanwulf.

Other Immortals

bulletKristin Minter reprises her role as Rachel MacLeod in D14, 'Deliverance', and D15, 'Promises'.
bulletThis is Matthew Walker's second appearance as Duncan's father Ian - his first was in A2, 'Family Tree', and his last will be in E1, 'Prophecy' (alongside Anna Hagan, who also returns as Duncan's mother in this episode).
bulletContrary to popular belief (and personal expectation), only small segments of this episode were actually filmed in the Scottish Highlands - the rest was filmed back in British Columbia, Canada.
bulletJohn Tierney previously appeared as a different character in B3, 'Turnabout'.
bulletGerard Plunkett, with a string of genre credits to his name (see here) returns as an altogether more sinister character in E1, 'Prophecy'.

Highlander's most spectacular season-opener ever is undone slightly by Kanwulf's lack of menace. The Watchers' Chronicles makes a good fist of explaining this away - Viking bully loses axe and his confidence - but this isn't conveyed on-screen, and dilutes what is otherwise a superb directorial debut from Paul.


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