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Season six failed to scale the heights of earlier Highlander seasons. There are many reasons for this, but one of them was a desire to test the waters for a spin-off series featuring a female Immortal. As a result, no less than five episodes showcased potential actresses and characters, in which Duncan made what amounted to cameo appearances in some, and was completely absent from another. Episode 11 then tried a different tack, featuring Joe Dawson and Methos, but thankfully everything was wrapped up neatly in a two-part finalé that was a clever homage to It's a Wonderful Life.

Opening narration (Jim Byrnes)
"His name is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. He was born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For 400 years he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, a champion. But he is not alone. There are others like him; some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head and, with it, his power. I am a Watcher, part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end there can be only one - may it be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander."

bulletAdrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
bulletElizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
bulletPeter Wingfield (Methos)
bulletJim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)

Based on the character created by Gregory Widen

Executive Producers Peter S Davis, William Panzer, Christian Charret, Marlia Ginsburg

Co-Executive Producer Nicholas Clermont

Producer Ken Gord

Associate Producer David Tynan

Co-ordinating Producer Denis Leroy

Executive Script Consultant David Tynan

Creative Consultant David Abramowitz

Theme music Queen

Music Roger Bellon

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Paris episodes
F1: Avatar (C)
F2: Armageddon (C+)
F3: Sins of the Father (B+)
F4: Diplomatic Immunity (C+)
F5: Patient Number 7 (C)
F6: Black Tower (C+)
F7: Unusual Suspects (B+)
F8: Justice (B-)
F9: Deadly Exposure (B-)
F10: Two of Hearts (C)
F11: Indiscretions (B+)
F12: To Be (B+)
F13: Not to Be (A-)

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