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Hugh Fitzcairn
One of Duncan's oldest friends - the pair first met in Italy in 1639 when Mac was trying to protect a nobleman's daughter from Fitz's advances. Although Fitz was beheaded by Kalas in 1995, we have subsequently seen him a number of times in flashback, while he also took on the role of Duncan's 'Guardian Angel' in the series finale.

Hugh Fitzcairn (Roger Daltrey).

Duncan and Connor (Christophe Lambert).

Connor MacLeod
Connor is Duncan's clansman, and was his first tutor. The pair met some time between 1625 and 1634, when Connor found Duncan wandering Scotland, unsure of who - or what - he was. We've only met Connor once - in the series premiere 'The Gathering' (A1), and we assume the Connor MacLeod of the three movies is an alternate-universe version. Reference was made to the events of the first Highlander movie in the second-season opener, 'The Watchers' (B1), which suggests the events of 1985 did take place, but were only a 'mini-Gathering' of sorts. If we accept this, the events of Highlander III: The Sorceror could also arguably be incorporated into canon.
Darius was once the greatest warrior that ever lived, but his entire life turned when he received what can only be described as a 'Light' Quickening at the gates of Paris. He subsequently turned his back on the Game and lived out the remainder of his life as a monk for various religions. He met Duncan at the battle of Waterloo in 1815, and the pair remained friends ever after.

Darius (Werner Stocker)

Carl Robinson (Bruce A Young).

Carl Robinson
Carl is around 150 years old, and a product of the Old South. Born a slave, he was tutored by Matthew McCormick after his Immortality was triggered, but the pair parted on bad terms when Carl took his chance to revenge himself on his old master. He first met Duncan in 1929 when the Highlander helped him escape a lynch mob, and by 1954 was in the process of carving out for himself a successful baseball career. Duncan next saw him in 1993, a disillusioned and (almost) broken man.
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Slan Quince, Xavier St Cloud, Kalas, Kronos

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