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Main characters

Duncan MacLeod

The Highlander, and the central subject of this site. Duncan was found on the shores of Loch Shiel, in the highlands of Scotland, in 1592. His Immortality was triggered in battle in 1622 and he was thrown out of his clan as a result. For the past 400 years he has travelled the world fighting for good.

Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul)

Richie Ryan (Stan Kirsch)

Richard Ryan
Richie was found by Duncan in 1992 when the young would-be thief was disturbed by Duncan in his antiques shop. A year later, we discovered Richie was actually an Immortal when he and Tessa were killed in a senseless incident. Duncan was obviously aware of his Immortality beforehand, and had already begun to tutor him.


Born in the 9th Century, her Immortality was triggered in 850 and she was subsequently taken in by Rebecca Horne, who became her mentor and her friend. Until the launch of her own series, Amanda was little more than a thief, albeit a very good one. She first encountered Duncan in 1635, and their paths have crossed many times since.

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen)

Methos (Peter Wingfield)

The oldest living Immortal, Methos was discovered hiding among the Watchers under the alias of Adam Pierson. He was outed by Kalas who was searching for Methos in the hope of killing him and becoming the most powerful Immortal alive. Since that incident, Methos has become what passes for friends with Duncan and is subsequently involved heavily in his later adventures.
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Hugh Fitzcairn, Connor, Darius, Carl Robinson

Slan Quince, Xavier St Cloud, Kalas, Kronos

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