Duncan's friendship with Gabriel Piton is soured after he catches Piton trying to steal from an English duchess Duncan is having an affair with (A19, Eye of the Beholder).

Duncan spends time with Amanda, who abandons him at a Bavarian Inn to take the fall for a robbery of hers. Sounds like she and Piton would have made great friends (A18, The Lady and the Tiger).

Duncan is hanged in place of his mortal friend when said friend is framed for a murder actually committed by Immortal Lymon Kurlow and friend (C10, Blackmail).


Duncan at Waterloo. 1810
Spends time in Switzerland with Brian Cullen, one of the finest Immortal swordsmen (C6, Courage).

Enlists in the Napoleonic Wars on the side of the English, fighting in a Highlander regiment (B15, Unholy Alliance part two). Meets Darius on the battlefield of Waterloo (left) and opts to spend time with him (A13, Band of Brothers).

Leaves Darius to travel to the New World for the first time, and has divided his time between Europe and America ever since. Unknown to Duncan, his Watcher - Rodney Fergus - accompanies him across the Atlantic (E9, Little Tin God).
His first chronicled encounter with another Immortal in the New World involves a man named Durgan and the theft of a cross from a church in Montana (C4, The Cross of St. Antoine).


Mac spends time in Philadelphia with David Keogh, whose attempts to marry are thwarted by the lady's wealthy father (C8, Obsession).



Duncan encounters Gavriel Larca (right) in Peru. Larca is impersonating an Inca god, but is exposed by Duncan's arrival when Duncan's guide brings a 'harmless' Western disease into the native ecosystem. Larca is subsequently buried alive for the next 160-odd years because he is unable to stop the disease ravaging the tribe (E9, Little Tin God).

Gavriel Larca

Duncan's romantic meeting with fellow Immortal Regan Cole turns sour when it transpires she's a bounty hunter after him for other reasons (F9, Deadly Exposure).

Duncan meets up with Connor in London (A1, The Gathering).

Duncan's friend Willie escapes charges of embezzlement by 'dying' in a duel, then pockets the cash (F4, Diplomatic Immunity).


Duncan in Paris in 1840.

Duncan (left) first meets up with Nicholas Ward, an Immortal who hides his killing sprees behind popular myths. At this time in his life, Ward is behind a rush of Vampire-like murders in Paris (B16, The Vampire). At around the same time, Duncan sees Grace Chandler off to the Amazon with fellow Immortal Carlos Sendaro, about whom the Highlander has reservations (A17, Saving Grace).

Duncan is cursed by his gypsy lover after she reads his palm which suggests he will never marry (B4, The Darkness).



Duncan spends time honing his sword skills with Immortal Consone, but the pair fall out - predictably - over a woman (E15, Duende).


Duncan returns to Madrid to visit Theresea, the woman that came between him and Consone, only to discover she died in an 'accident' (E15, Duende).

Duncan in Spain.

Mac meets up with Brian Cullen in San Francisco, only to discover his old friend has become addicted on opium after losing his nerve (C6, Courage).


Duncan faces the hangman's noose.

Duncan becomes involved in the American Civil War, fighting on the side of the Unionists. We see Duncan being hanged as a spy after helping slaves to escape to the North, then dug up by fellow Immortal Lucas Desiree (A2, Innocent Man). He's also shown discovering a newly Immortal boy, who is beheaded when Duncan leaves him to help others (C7, The Lamb).
Duncan is captured and imprisoned along with black slave Jeffrey while trying to help him escape to the North. There he's incarcarated in a camp run by Immortal William Culbraith (E10, The Messenger).


Duncan's libido lands him in trouble again when he's caught in the hay by a girl's fiance. The girl is killed trying to prevent the pair from duelling (B10, Epitaph for Tommy).


Duncan is in South Texas (right) attempting to catch the Immortal Outlaw Koren. Only later does he discover Koren's true identity - Kronos, one of the Four Horsemen (E12, Comes A Horseman). Later that year (presumably), Duncan crosses the border to fight alongside Paul Karros in the Mexican Revolution - Karros had previously fought alongside Spartacus (C3, The Revolutionary).

Duncan pursues Koren.


Having relocated to the Pacific North West with the Lakota tribe of Indians, Duncan is forced to witness their genocide in 1872 when the Immortal Kern leads the US military to them. Duncan loses his lover Little Deer and foster son Kahani in the massacre, and retires to Holy Ground for a time afterwards (A1, The Gathering; C2, Line of Fire).

Jim Coltec (Bryon Chief Moon) removes Duncan's hatred.

Murderous in his pursuit of Kern, Duncan encounters Coltec, a Hayoka Immortal with the ability to draw the evil out of others (D13, Something Wicked). Later that year Duncan learns to track from fellow immortal Carl the Hermit. Carl later passes his skills on to another Immortal who generously takes his head in exchange (A7, Mountain Men).


Briefly returns to China to visit Kiem Sun (A3, The Road Not Taken). This is his only recorded visit away from American soil in over 50 years from 1854 to 1914.

Returns to the Pacific North West where he establishes himself as a newspaper proprietor. He attempts (unsuccessfully) to save a young man from Immortal bounty hunter Mako (B13, Under Color of Authority). Later, his attempts to marry Sarah are first thwarted by the fact that she's already married, and then by her rejection of him when he's shot by her husband and revives after coming for him in a jealous rage (C8, Obsession).

Duncan and fellow Immortal Gregor Townsend help out during a Cholera epidemic - Gregor is shot by a distraught father after failing to save his child (B2, Studies in Light).
Duncan relocates to San Francisco where he meets up with old friend Alec Hill. Unfortunately, Alec's mortal wife Genevieve has a past, and it catches up with her in the form of Immortal Gerard Kragan, who kills her in front of Alec and Mac (E8, Haunted).

Duncan is forced to leave his saloon home in San Francisco when its owner Kit O'Brady loses it to Amanda in a poker game (right) (D5, Double Eagle). Afterwards, he visits Alec Hill again, only to find the Immortal still brooding over his wife's death (E8, Haunted).

Amanda tries her hand at poker.


Duncan tries his hand at bare-knuckle boxing under the watchful eye of Immortal Tommy Sullivan, newly arrived from the Emerald Isle (B12, The Fighter).

While in Boston, Duncan is set up by a helpless female Immortal, Sharon, for Axel, an evil Immortal who uses her as bait. Duncan persuades her to escape, but Axel kills her when she tries to leave him (C5, Rite of Passage).

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