Duncan isn't the kind of Immortal to spend his time in one place. In fact, he's been around quite a bit (in all senses of the word). Just scroll down to find out what places he's graced in his 400-odd years on the planet so far.

Scotland (1592): Birthplace of Duncan MacLeod, and haggis.
England (1660): Formerly home to many Immortals with dodgy accents.
France (1635): Duncan's second home for much of his life.
Italy (1631, 1637): Home of wine, women and song. Mac and Fitz loved it.
Turkey (1712, 1750): Capital to the exotic - and rotten - Ottoman Empire. It's little wonder that Amanda loved it.
Ireland (1712-5, 1919): Met his wife, Kate here, and then thoughtfully murdered her on her wedding night for the noblest of reasons. He then refused to play a role in the Easter Revolution. Presumably not a favourite place of his.
Russia (1750, 1918): Duncan doesn't have many fond memories of either recorded visit here.
Bavaria (1804): Duncan shared an Inn with Amanda. Kinky.
Switzerland (1810): Home to cheese, quality timekeeping and the Alps.
Spain (1851, 1853, 1937): Indulged his taste for flamenco dancing.
Germany (1935, 1944): Spied on Hitler for British Intelligence.
Eastern Europe (1941, 1996): Tried to rescue Jews from the Nazis, and later traced one of the Four Horsemen to a mental assylum in Romania.

Algiers (1653): Bloody hot, especially in all those furs.
North Africa (1755): Agrees to trade his life to another Immortal for a boy's.

India (1764-5): History fails to mention whether Duncan ever acquired a taste for hot meals during his stay here.
Japan/South Pacific Ocean (1778): Where Duncan got his sword.
China and Mongolia (1780, 1880): Duncan discovers the martial arts. Clever man.
Cambodia (1975): War-torn zone where he re-encountered Cage.

Pacific North West, USA (1817): Duncan's second home (after Paris), and definitely one of his favourite places.
North-Eastern USA (1825): Manhattan Skyline ahoy!
Peru (1830): Where Duncan nearly got chopped up and sacrificed by the natives.
San Francisco, USA (1854): Perfectly timed to coincide with the Gold Rush. Who said Duncan was all brawn and no brain?
Union/Confederate border, USA (1861-5): Not a nice place to be.
Mexico (1867): Wore a big hat and took part in a revolution. At least is made for an interesting postcard to friends and clansmen.

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