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Welcome to my Highlander A-Z. This has been inspired by the superb Highlander TV series that ended after six glorious seasons back in 1998, and which was featured in the movie Highlander: Endgame. It's an expanded version of an article I wrote for Cult TV magazine, but more of that below.
The A-Z is aimed at both new and old fans - use to acquaint yourself with the series, or alternatively, look through its contents as a kind of quick reference guide. If you're new to the series, read on:

The entire Highlander universe stems from the feature film Highlander, which was made in 1986. Starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, it told the story of an ever-diminishing group of Immortals, men who had survived for hundreds, even thousands, of years, forced to duel down the ages until only a few remained to battle for the Prize. Immortals could only be killed by decapitation, and the film followed the life of one Connor MacLeod, born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1536.
I could go on and chronicle the film in great detail, but suffice to say it's a must-see film. Tragically the same cannot be said for its two sequels, Highlander II (The Quickening) and Highlander III (The Sorceror). The second angered fans of the original by claiming the Immortals were alien - an interesting concept, but one let down by incredibly poor execution. The makers realised this when they produced Highlander II: The Renegade Version, which did much to improve the film, although it is still eminently missable. The third is merely a poor re-make of the first, with baddie Mario Van Peebles apeing original villain Clancy Brown down to sharing the same voice (and tonsil movements)! Until recently I thought its only saving grace was the fact that it was better than Highlander II, but having seen it again recently I've decided at least the second film tried to be different...

To a new universe
Into all of this comes Highlander: The Series. This is set in an alternative universe to the movies, and chronicles the adventures of Duncan MacLeod. At first, Duncan was merely a Connor wannabe (Christopher Lambert even made a guest appearance in the pilot to 'hand over the reins'), but as the show as progressed over six seasons, he - and the series - have made an invaluable contribution to the Highlander mythos. The idea of The Gathering, the time when a few are left to battle for the Prize, was conveniently dropped after the first season, and Immortals have been cropping up with alarming regularity ever since. It seems the slogan for the series is There Can Be As Many As You Like.
The world of Highlander hasn't ended with Duncan MacLeod however. One of the show's most popular recurring characters recently starred in the entertaining spin-off series Highlander: The Raven. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have survived beyond its first season. Look out for material from that show appearing in these pages soon. Meanwhile, Duncan, Connor, Methos and some brand new Immortals appeared in the film Highlander IV:Endgame. Events from that movie will also be incorporated into this site in due course.

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The site was inspired by an article I wrote for the late, lamented Cult TV magazine back in 1997. I was wondering what I could use my free Web space for when I hit on the idea of adapting and expanding on the A-Z I'd written for Cult TV, and so here it is, revised, redesigned and updated.
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