This Highlander A-Z is based on an article printed in Cult TV magazine, which was published by Future Publishing in 1997. I was Production Editor on the magazine at the time, and gratefully took the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the series even further by researching and writing the article. I'd been a big fan of the first movie and was aware of the TV series, but had only seen a handful of episodes (thanks to the lack of Highlander on terrestrial television). I got hold of several season-one and season-two episodes and immersed myself in the world of Duncan MacLeod. Coupled with season three, and then season five, which was being shown on Sky television, I was able to broaden my knowledge of the show considerably. At this present time, I've seen almost all episodes from seasons 1-3 and 5-6, but only a handful from season four.
The feature as it appeared in Cult TV (pp1-2)

The feature as it appeared in Cult TV (pp3-4)
Major revisions
Since the site was first posted back in the summer of 1998, I'd been meaning to revamp its design. My original aim was to get the material up as quickly as possible, but once it was there I found that the odd update I made meant fiddling around with the pages too much. What I wanted was a site that was easy to maintain, which would ensure that I would continue to add to it in future without being put off by the idea of hard work.
At the same time, I reviewed a copy of Adobe ImageStyler for my then magazine (
PCAnswers) and was impressed with what it could do. Most of the icons used throughout the site were created in minutes using ImageStyler. I was then persuaded to consider adding an episode guide to the site, which I'm half way through doing now. I've also added a list of immortals, map chronicling Duncan's world-wide wanderings and put aside a page for links to other great Highlander sites. The result is what you're reading now, code-named version two (my originality knows no bounds).
Future plans
It won't have escaped your notice that I've been awfully remiss in my promise to keep this site updated - after the redesign in 2000, it eventually fell off the Web when Freeserve realised I was only using my account to keep the Web site open. Now I've given it its own domain, which will hopefully mean it lasts as long as I do - it's fully paid up until 2005 at present, so it won't be disappearing anywhere soon!
I've decided not to offer any more promises as to when I'll be updating the site in future, but there are several plans to add even more to the site. I've listed them here in no particular order:

1. Update episode guide to include seasons one and four (I've got the season one DVD box set, but goodness knows when season four will be released!).
2. Expand the A-Z further.
3. Incorporate the events of Highlander IV movie into the site.
4. Incorporate the events of Highlander: The Raven into this site. This will include creating a new timeline for the history of Amanda, and incorporating various elements of the series into the existing A-Z framework.

About me
Want to know more about me? I'm a freelance writer, with over eight years of magazine experience behind him. My personal Web site is here - please check it out (as of writing, 3rd January 2003, it's not up yet).