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GlenfinnanG is for...

The term used to describe the ongoing battle between Immortals to get 'a head' of the others, so to speak.

The period when all surviving Immortals will be drawn together to battle for The Prize (see P).

Birthplace to the MacLeod clan. It's situated on the shores of Loch Shiel, in the highlands of Scotland. The only time the Highlander TV series actually filmed in Scotland was for the fourth-season opener (D1, 'Homeland').

A former student of Darius who was disgusted by his former mentor's move away from violence after a 'Light Quickening' (see L) 1,500 years before. Grayson had been killing Darius' students - mortal or Immortal - ever since, until he came up against one Duncan MacLeod (A13, 'Band of Brothers').


Rebecca HorneH is for...

Charming - but utterly ruthless - Immortal who attempts to seduce Amanda into stealing an expensive diamond for him in return for, well, nothing really as he also wants her head (R11, 'The Devil You Know').

No Immortal may take the head of another on Holy Ground. There is one recorded instance of this happening, and that was at Pompeii. You can guess when.

Rebecca HORNE
A sort of Mother Teresa to younger Immortals (including one 9th Century urchin better known as Amanda)... only without the wimple. One of these, Luther - see L - took her head. Big mistake when Dunc's around (B19, 'Legacy').

A Watcher who decided that all Immortals were evil and needed be wiped out through his renegade organisation (A22, 'The Hunters'; B1, 'The Watchers', and so on).

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G is also for...
Garrick was burnt at the stake in 1665 for supposedly being a witch due to his foresight. Personally I think he was burnt for having one of the most unconvincing English accents. Ever.
(C9, 'Shadows')

Wilson GEARY: the man responsible for the death of Lucy's Immortal husband in the 1960s (R10, 'Passion Play').

H is also for...
The appearance of Connor's first wife Heather in the film Endgame confirmed her existence in the TV universe as well as the movie one (Endgame).

The HUNTERS: The name of the renegade Watcher organisation headed up by James Horton - see opposite.

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