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Kate MacLeodK is for...

Kantos learned Cassandra's magic 'power of persuasion' voice technique before using it to try and take Duncan's head as part of an ancient prophecy (E1, 'Prophecy').

KATE MacLeod
Estranged wife of Duncan MacLeod, Kate first met Duncan in Ireland in 1712 when he saved her and her mistress from petty criminals. The pair fell in love, and were married three years later. At their wedding, Connor confirms Duncan's suspicions that Kate is a pre-Immortal, with tragic results. The pair don't meet for another 300 years, when Kate has changed her name to Faith and follows Jacob Krell. (Endgame).

Michael KENT
One of the few 'baddie' Immortals with a name beginning with the letter 'K' who has any redeeming qualities about them. Ultimately Mac lops off his head to settle a promise made centuries before - well, you know how these things are... (C1, 'The Samurai')

A tragic case, whose latent Immortality is triggered when shot after his son - Amanda's bit on the side at the time - is shot and killed by a corrupt cop. As a result he becomes judge, jury and executioner for the cop's descendents, ended only when Amanda comes across him again in the present day when Nick is protecting another member of the family tree from a mysterious assassin (R3, 'Bloodlines').

Contemporary of Connor MacLeod, Krell was 'born' when Connor killed him during a failed attempt to rescue his mother from the stake. Connor's mother was burned for witchcraft - Connor's Immortality being the cause - and was condemned by Krell's foster father. After his 'death', Krell haunted Connor's steps, hiding in the background while systematically destroying everything Connor dared to get close to. Finally, the pair met in the early 21st Century, and the events are chronicled in the fourth Highlander movie (see 'Endgame').

Nasty - if relatively unremarkable - piece of work. This Irish ne'er-do-well almost cost one of Mac's friends their life until the Highlander took his place in the hangman's noose (C10, 'Blackmail').


Dr Anne LindsayL is for...

Trauma surgeon who Mac briefly dates - and beds, of course - during season three (first appearance: C3, 'The Revolutionary'). She leaves him after discovering that she can't cope with the negative emotions associated with egging on your boyfriend while he's trying to decapitate someone (C19, 'Mortal Sins').

The opposite of Dark Quickening (see D) - as if you couldn't guess. Think of it as a 'touchy feely' Quickening - one that Darius had when he took the head of a holy man at the gates of Paris 1,500 years ago (A13, 'Band of Brothers').

Duncan's Sioux lover who was murdered along with her tribe by white men when fellow Immortal Kern led them to the Indians in 1878 (A1, 'The Gathering'; C2, 'Line of Fire').

If an Immortal is beheaded with no other Immortals close by, his Quickening (see Q) is 'wasted'.

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K is also for...
Basically, if he's Immortal, and his name begins with K - for example, Kurgan, Kern, Kenny, Kalas, Karros, Krell, Kronos, Kristov, etc - you can guess whose side he's on.

KANWULF: Viking pillager and scourge of the MacLeod's
(D1, 'Homeland').

KATHERINE: Female Immortal from northern England (you'd never guess from her accent) who was one of those tested for the role of female spin-off character (F10, 'Two of Hearts').


L is also for...
an Immortal who pursued the fabled Methuselah's Stone (see M), killing his - and Amanda's - mentor Rebecca Horne in the process (B19, 'Legacy').

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