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Connor MacLeodM is for...

The original Highlander discovered that he wasn't the only Immortal left after all when he slipped into the TV universe in 1992 (A1, 'The Gathering'). What a downer that must have been for the poor wee laddie. Was literally - and permanently - reunited with his younger clansman around 10 years later in their final meeting (Endgame).

Of the clan Macleod, the Highlander. This whole A-Z is about the man himself, the people he's met, the lives he's led and the places he's been. And the women he's copped off with.

Immortal FBI agent who happened to teach Carl Robinson about Immortality (E3, 'Manhunt'). He's mentioned here because the character - and actor Eric McCormack - were mooted as a possible spin-off from the original series when it was realised that the show was coming to its end. See the season five DVD box set's interviews section for more on this, and check the Watcher's entry for the intricate back story that was concocted for him - apparently McCormick's deep south accent masks the fact he originally hailed from Salisbury, England.

Duncan first met Maurice when he found him living the life of Riley aboard his barge in Paris. Thereafter, Maurice was around to help Duncan - and poke his nose into as many of his affairs (and 'affairs') as he was able. (B15-22, C15, C17, C20-21, E17).

The oldest living Immortal is at least 5,000 years old. He was discovered by Mac and Kalas to be hiding among the Watchers under the persona 'Adam Pierson' (see P). (C16, C21-22, D10-11, D14, D16, D18, D20-D22, E9-12, E16-18, F11-13)

Once owned by Rebecca Horne and divided among her students, it is rumoured to give the bearer immortality (so why Luther was after it is anyone's guess). (B19, 'Legacy'; D16, 'Methuselah's Gift').

Friend and occasional employer of Nick Wolfe. Bert runs a successful firm offering security, bodyguard duties and other similar services. In R9, 'Cloak and Dagger', we discover Bert used to be a double agent in East Germany prior to the Iron Curtain coming down. He's also the only semi-regular character in The Raven to appear in both Toronto- and Paris-based episodes.


Tessa NoelN is for...

Tessa NOEL
MacLeod's mortal lover from 1980-93 (A1, 'The Gathering' - B4, 'The Darkness'). 'Tessa' also returned in the form of assassin Lisa Halle after the miracle of plastic surgery (B21-22, 'Counterfeit' parts one and two), and then Tessa herself returned in a parallel universe where Duncan had never existed (F12, 'To Be'; F13, 'Not to Be').

Cleopatra's handmaiden. Buried with her Queen in 30BC (well, it's one way to avoid fellow headhunters), she is revived by Duncan in 1993, and - wait for it - very quickly becomes his lover. It doesn't last (B18, 'Pharoah's Daughter').

Ex-cop and Amanda's sidekick during the Highlander: The Raven run (see here). In the last episode of the series, Nick is revealed to be a pre-Immortal, dying his obligatory violent death and leaving Amanda on bad terms to pursue an uncertain future.

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M is also for...
Nick's ex-police boss whom he regularly bumps into when freelance investigating after his resignation from the police force, including the apparent "suicide" of Carl's brother (R8, 'The Unknown Soldier').

MAKO: The first Immortal beheaded by Richie (B13, 'Under Color of Authority').

Devon MAREK: The first pre-Immortal that Duncan encounters back in the 17th Century - needless to say, he doesn't stay pre-Immortal for long, Duncan accidentally burying him 'alive' (F6, 'Black Tower').

Randi MCFARLAND: Journalist who dogged Mac's steps during Highlander's first season before thankfully vanishing.

N is also for...
ex-girlfriend of Richie's who lands him in trouble with an Immortal who's into his drug-dealing (A9, 'The Sea Witch').

NORTH AFRICA: It appears Duncan never travelled deep into the African continent - both of his recorded adventures took place in the north.

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