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Kit O'BradyO is for...

An Immortal who lost his saloon to Amanda (see A) in a poker game. He then suffered a 107-year run of bad luck which he blamed her for. Get in the queue, Kit (D5, 'Double Eagle').

Blew up a London pub in 1946 as part of the Irish cause, then wondered why Duncan turned him in. Stay with the plot, Liam (F12, 'To Be'; F13, 'Not to Be').



Adam Pierson aka MethosP is for...

Methos' hidden identity as a Watcher researcher that's only exposed when Kalas comes after him in 1993 (C16, 'Methos').

Gabriel PITON
Thief-turned-fashion designer who coveted beauty to the extent that he killed lovers before the flush of youth deserted them - admittedly after they discovered his secret. How very considerate. (A19, 'Eye of the Beholder')

Until Immortals 'die' for the first time, their immortality is dormant, and can only be triggered by a violent death. They are sterile, and emit a faint 'buzz' to other Immortals, but otherwise look like normal humans. It is possible for them to live a normal life and die like any other human - how many potential Immortals have been spared the fate of dueling down the centuries simply because they stayed indoors all their lives?

This is the result of all the Quickenings of all Immortals channelled into the final one left alive, and promises to be quite a rush for the winner. No wonder they're all keen to win it...

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O is also for...
Jillian O'HARA:
one of four characters played by actress Lisa Butler in Highlander. She's included here because there's not a lot of O's. (F13, 'Not to Be')


P is also for...
Victor PAULUS:
mortal protégé of Darius who comes under attack from nut-case Immortal Grayson (see G) - thank goodness Dunc's around to see him off, eh? (A13, 'Band of Brothers').

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