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UrsaU is for...

A simple-minded Immortal who was rescued from a village mob by Duncan and who avoids society by living in caves and sewers (A16, 'The Beast Below'). Similarities to Beauty and the Beast or The Phantom of the Opera are purely coincidental. Honest.


Alexis VoshinV is for...

A Russian Immortal who betrayed MacLeod in 1940 when he was helping Russians escape Stalinist Russia. Lost his head to the propellers of his own boat when fighting Duncan in 1992 Seacouver. (A9, 'The Sea Witch')

One of the Immortals trained by Rebecca Horne who Luther beheads - off-camera, naturally - on his quest for the Methusalah's Stone (B19, 'Legacy').


W is for...

Nicholas WARD
An Immortal who hid his killing sprees behind popular myths and hysteria, such as Vampires in 1840s Paris. He also sported a bleached hairstyle that made him look suspiciously like Billy Idol, and in fact it's rumoured that Idol was lined up to play this role. (B16, 'The Vampire')

A group of mortals who have secretly chronicled the movement of Immortals down the centuries, only recently discovered when a group of renegade Watchers (the Hunters led by James Horton - see H) bring their existence to the attention of the Immortals. Joe Dawson (see D), the blues-guitar playing, bar-owning Vietnam veteran, is a senior member.

Low-life who captures one of Duncan's beheadings on camera, which he attempts to use to blackmail the Highlander into killing his wife for him. Finally meets his proper end in a deserted railway tunnel - but not at Duncan's hands... (C10, 'Blackmail')


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U is also for...
It appears Ursa is unique in being the only U in this A-Z.

V is also for...
Jacques VEMAS:
Head of the Watcher's European operations until he meets an untimely death at the hands of Kalas (C22, 'Finale part two').




W is also for...
Carter WELLAN:
Long-time companion of Haresh Clay, who comes looking for Richie's head after the youngster takes Wellan's. (E3, 'The End of Innocence')

Axel WHITTAKER: Immortal with a habit for taking in female Immortals to be used as bait for his own nefarious ends. (C5, 'Rite of Passage')

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