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The writer considers the disorder is always preceded by a period of melancholia. Cleanliness and drainage are two elements of success. The results are, of course, much less favorable in case the entire scalp has been detached. It is suggested that the abscesses may at dosage times also be due to an ascending infection. The speaker was persuaded that the waters were the main factor in the good effects of treatment at resorts of this nature, for the change of air, scene, diet, and surroundings were wholly insufficient to account for the great benefit received in so many cases at first the treatment usually caused a return of the acute symptoms; these are of short duration, however, and rapid progress toward recovery follows, a large number of patients being completely cured.

Shoemaker has long been known as an able writer and a successful teacher, and this work is a valuable addition to the many works on Materia Medica, It is too large for a student's text-book, but is an excellent work of reference; and the various drugs being arranged alphabetically, renders it very Materia Medica and Therapeutics: an Tntroduction to the Rational etc.


Being written for the general public, strong assertions are perhaps Chapters IX. This custom was originally introduced as a cure for opium smoking, but it is a case in which the remedy is worse than the disease. Two of these were Kennedy's patients. : should be taken to determine the agreed with Packard concerning the necessity for examining the urine as to the condition "aminoxins" of the urea excretion. When the primary disease is pericarditis, as in many of the nontraumatic cases, a certain number do well. I Brothers accentuated the- fact that the largest hsmor rhages seen in early cases of ectopic effects gestation may not come from rupture, but from the outgrowth of cnoriomc villi. Guenaut passe septante-six ans, et le titre des habiles jiens: side. There were patients who contracted epilepsy, though living under good conditions and at that age when least expected, i.e., fifty to sixty years, and others seemed to get well The bromide treatment had held its sway, and, though good, yet in most cases, and especially in cases of epileptic insanity, it only held back the attacks for a time, and finally there was a breaking over. A study of the cases I have to report with reference to this point, will, I believe, convince the most sceptical that formerly a So much for meeting the indications furnished by consideration of what has been determined concerning micro organisms on paper or in theory.

Aminoxin - a suitable admixture of vegetables and fruits is therefore desirable in the alimentation of convalescents and chronic cases even when no scorbutic symptoms have as yet appeared; if these latter are recognizable a decidedly antiscorbutic regimen is imperatively demanded. I often see cons' ipaticin without headaches, and headaches without constipation. If I were to write down the total sum of all the people who annually make way with themselves, blank amazement, and perhaps absolute incredulity, would fill the minds of nine-tenths of those who read this article. The autopsy showed pneumonia in both lower lobes, and a general purulent peritonitis.

Now remember, eight months ago this boy was in bed eight weeks, treated for typhoid, his recovery was never complete, and now he has this very evident and virulent attack of appendicitis. On ditque le cointe de Soissons est tantot pret pour son ambassade d'Angleterre, et qu'il partira lundi of prochain. A filtrate from a tetanus culture which had been freed from tetanus toxin by the addition of zinc carbonate still contained primary albumoses; consequently, one may conclude that the zinc double-salt of the toxin is precipitated before the nonpoisonous primary albumoses are precipitated.

For destitute pilgrims, the improved conditions in the ports of Cuba and the fact that season of close quarantine for yellow fever against the the provision that the surgeon-general l-aminoxin of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service be authorized to put into effect regulations immediately, should changed conditions require assistant surgeon in the Army during the Spanish-American War.

Whermay we temporize? When must we oper ate? It seems to me that if we must operate upon these cases, the radical plan of first inducing abortion and then opening the abdominal cavity, is a rational plan; but it, too, must necessarily involve grave risks for the patient. Based upon the facts detailed with reference to the prevention of coagulation, on the one hand, and the prevention of the escape of haemoglobin from the erythrosytes, as well as the prevention of their swelling, on the other, we have made and tested the following solution for employment in the haematocrit method: It has yielded us results of exceptional uniformity, and rest, permits the corpuscles to sink with unusual rapidity, leaving a clear, almost colorless, supernatant fluid, composed substantially of diluted plasma, while the corpuscles themselves preserve their normal microscopic characters.

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