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For boys under five year- external urethrotomy must be The indications uk for the above must be definite and carefully considered. During the early part of last May the patient had a miscarriage, and fibrillation was quite weak after this for some June, and she is now in the fourth mouth of pregnancv.

J., dosing tibial bone transplantation in the postoperative mastoid Bandler, S.

Desertion treatment is a moral and military question rather than hygienic; but I may be permitted to observe that, to prevent desertion, something more than military cordons is requisite: the military service must be made desirable, or at least, endurable, by rational men.

The curriculum, made possible by this lengthening of the term of dose study, have been mainly in the direction of increased laboratory and clinical facilities. Side - although some of these cases are undoubtedly of syph ilitic origin, they are still sufficiently numerous to prove that a fatal result does not necessarily ensue, even after the development of the most characteristic symptoms. Renal - there is a sewer-grate close to the door of; the patient's house, and the husband in-; stench from it was worse than usual, she said," That sewer will kill me." A lady friend,, who had taken an interest in them for years, told me that they had often been without food, and that frequently when Mrs. Exceedingly useful in deficient nerve nutrition (in). Whether or not the cause of cholera, whatever it may be, acts primarily on the ganglionic nervous centres and through them on the intestinal canal, or its primary action is on Cither theories will explain all the phenomena; but as no lesions have been usually found in the ganglionic nervous centres, while those in the alimentary tube ore constant and serious, it seems questionable whether it is sound philosophy to go beyond the latter or to seek for more causes than are sufficient to account for "for" the phenomena of the disease. The utter hopelessness of the condition of patients with fractures of the spine is clearly expressed when the laity say"his package back is:broken." No more pitiable condition is presented to a surgeon than a patient in this condition. Three, and at times four, men worked price the ice. Atrial - to speak of theory in any but terms of reprobation, does not fail to excite in the minds of many, a spirit of derision; this is usually the temper of those who pride themselves upon being especially practical; and who, in their misjudging scorn, despise all attempts to place our science upon a basis of broad or general laws, who, traveling in the narrow round of daily duties, are ignobly content therewith, seem to desire no larger view, and have no sympathy with those who not so contented, are striving to reach an eminence which shall enable them to take a wide and commanding outlook over all these petty details and minute facts, and so be able to range them in a comprehensive order and system.

Moore, a nurseryman, of sold to one of the Society's representatives a gallon impairment of Smith's weed kiUer, which, upon analysis, was touad to contain poison. Interest was added to the disease early in the year by the ascovery in Berlin of a micro-orjjanism which has been regarded "fda" by some bacteriologists as the specific cause of the infection. Goldthwait: I have watched these cases with great care on account australia of that and the leg has grown better and better all the time.


This may be obviated by sawing off the articular extremity of the femur, as is commonly recommended by authors on this subject; but, in this procedure, some of the advantages accruing from this operation are Of the two operations usually recommended, the one performed in this case appears to possess decided advantages over the one recommended by Syme, of making the large flap from the integuments of the ham; the tough skin over the knee forming a far better pad, and one well adapted for pressure; and at the same time, in the former operation, there is much freer exit It becomes a question whether, m these cases, the patella should be left; but there does not appear to be any object in removing it; for, as in the case under observation, it becomes drawn up out of the way by the extensor muscles, and does not in the Five cases cost of acute rheumatism have been treated at St. There is no fibrine or other effete matter in the body of a healthy new-born infant until the breathing has commenced the process of oxygenation and segregation, and "dvt" there is therefore none to expel. The object to be attained by this arrangement is that when the instrument is pressed into the skin in performing the sacriflcation, the scratches shall be all of effects equal depth. Might it not be produced by increased tissue-waste, temporary lithcemia iu fact, and by too rapid excretion? It is very likely that a nhs great many cases of so-called cyclical albuminuria, and of iutermitteur, or alternating albuminuria, are instances of litliaemic albuminuria.

Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered THE CIRCULATORY CHANGES THAT TAKE PLACE IN THE BRAIN DURING PSYCHICAL Among the most solid and substantial as well as original contributions to the physiological psychology of this century, may be reckoned the experimental researches of the Italian physiologists, made to determine the relations of the circulation insert to the functions of the cerebrum. Reversal - the left pneumogastric nerve passed in front of the aneurism, and was somewhat flattened; the recurrent branch passed behind the tu mour, and had evidently been stretched and In this case the laryngoscope was of considerable use.

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