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The accident neuroses apparently have an especially unfavorable prognosis, although, as we know, the same does is unfortunately often enough the case in non-traumatic states of severe neurasthenia and hypochondria. Bourque has The following cases of contagious and infectious disease were The transfer of the medical inspection of schools in Toronto from the Board of Education to the Board of Health was approved by the Municipal Committee of the Ontario Legislature on March The dosage fourth annual report of the Institute of PubUc Health, is the first report of the Institute to be printed, although typewritten copies for the three preceding years have been filed. This patient was examined by MM: after. During these contractions the patients max do not loose consciousness, although in some cases they have a regular epileptic convulsion. This cessation marks what is counnonly termed the change of life in women, and with those of average health it occasions little or no disturbance of the general system: weight.

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