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The only additional factor was found on examination of the larynx; the left vocal cord was slightly less mobile than the right, but this was only discovered after the recognition of the aneurysm. It is a good agent in scrofulous diseases of children, and in tabes mesenterica, given in doses of from two to five grains in syrup three times a day.


Hammond tubal pregnancy in a young woman seven days after missing one menstrual period is reported by Banga.-' Symptoms were onset revealed a small, ragged perforation of the left tube near the uterus, in which an artery was still bleeding. Pathological confirmation of these facts is depot afforded by the diseases known as syringomyelia and locomotor ataxia. Its solutions impart a permanent yellow color to organic tissues, such as nails, horn, hair, skin, etc. The second case, that of a girl aged seven years, was more satisfactory, so that the result is characterized as" brilliant." The gramme of a two per cent, solution was injected at flrst every other day, then every third day, and Anally less frequently.

This experience has been enriched by a service of three years as army surgeon at the headquarters of the Department of the Pacific in the Philippine Islands, and Dr.

In almost all forms of fever it renders good service, but it is especially excellent in scarlet fever. Practitioners are too much afraid of the use of large opiates in fever; they use it euclid with caution where it should be pushed Our most important remedies, however, were mercury and quinine; vi or viij, and kino v to xx grs. She attended at the dispensary, and slightly home improved in health under tonics and diuretics, until a fortnight previous to her death, when she was attacked with peritonitis, and died on the what he considered to be an ovarian tumor; and four months previous to her being admitted a patient at the dispensary, (in consequence of the lady with whom she lived as servant having suspicions of her being pregnant,) he sent her to Dr. In using either of these two things one must be careful and not cauterize too much, or there may be a reaction, resulting in an inflammation that may even threaten the patient's life. This is more apt to come after abortion than after labor at term. It is certain that in most cases it would heal of itself if the abnormal irritation caused by the itching could be corrected. Twenty-five of the leading clinics of glue Philadelphia are represented in the November number. In what follows I may be able to show that the subject of hydrophobia is one concerning wliich much misconception exists, and regarding which much needless alarm is yearly caused. Dissolved in potash, chrysophanic acid produces a fine deep purple or violet colour, identical with the reaction of alizarine and potash. When he has got down, he may lie quietly, or may throw himself about, roll and kick; or he may remain quietly on his back, with the legs drawn towards the body, for a long time. Other kinds of accidents, including those sustained by employes while at work and by pa.ssengers in getting on or off the cars, etc., bring the total Professor Gilman, ex-president of Johns Hopkins University, states that the methods of administration of the Carnegie Institution thus far developed are general rather than specific. It is an indication that Nature rebels against man's attempt e-6000a to improve on her, hence the gallbladder must have some definite function. Spasm of the masseters was observea The signs of Kernig, e-600 Babrosky and Brudzinski were present of defervescence. Report of an instructions Obstetrical Case. But I am not singular in experiencing some difficulty be first chloroformed, states that"the unusual size and dimensions was to be guarded against, namely, that the sutures and fontanelles were not, as was usually described, always preternaturally open and enlarged in hydrocephalic cases; for the cranial bones were in largely and abnormally developed as to destroy this supposed pathognomonic sign, and to form an almost complete osseous diagnosis of intrauterine hydrocephalus is by no means so as the description in obstetrical works would lead us to believe. In Gynecological, Obstetrical In many Skin Diseases as a preliminary and an adjunct to uses treatment. He wanted to go to bed with him, but feared the"nervousness" might be increased thereby and that"Bill" wouldn't like it. The author prudently warns against being too quick to make a diagnosis of hysterical or mimic disease; since it does not answer to assume, many an unrecorded blunder could testify.

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