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Episode Guide
This 'definitive' guide wouldn't be definitive if it didn't have an episode guide attached. This Web site's episode guide is different from others I've seen: first, there's a verdict attached to each episode. I've also included some trivia notes, and revealed which flashbacks and Immortals appeared in these episodes. Oh, and for good measure there's production details, including all guest and co-stars from the episode in question that were credited.

Episode Guide contents
There were 141 episodes of Highlander produced over six seasons between 1992 and 1999 (22 of these were The Raven spin-off). Half of each season was filmed in Vancouver (which doubled for the mythical city of 'Seacouver', situated halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, geddit?) and the other half in Paris. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to move between seasons, and the bar to the right to select different episodes from the same season you're currently viewing.

bulletSeason one (1992-3) is where we're introduced to the world of Duncan MacLeod. Meet Richie Ryan before he became Immortal, meet Darius, the ancient warrior turned monk, and catch the series as it tries to find its feet.
bulletSeason two (1993-4) marks the departure of Tessa, sees Richie come to terms with being Immortal and introduces us to the Watchers Organisation, who've been recording the activities of Immortals since the dawn of time.
bulletSeason three (1994-5) is where the show really starts to find its feet. Dr Anne Lindsay flits in and out of Duncan's life, while we find ourselves face to face with Methos, reputed to be the oldest living Immortal alive.
bulletSeason four (1995-6) sees Duncan in an introspective mood, between long-term lovers and keeping old friends at a distance. This season features some of the show's finest episodes, and is consistently good from start to finish.
bulletSeason five (1996-7) starts as strongly as ever - if not more so, but starts to tail off towards its end, a portent of things to come, perhaps. It's also notable for a shift towards more fantastical tales and the shocking exit of one regular character at season's end.
bulletSeason six (1997-8) is only 13 episodes long, and many regular characters only appear in a handful of episodes. There are even episodes where Duncan doesn't appear at all, while it's obvious the producers were thinking ahead to plans for a spin-off...
bulletThat spin-off quickly materialised as the short-lived Highlander: The Raven (1998-9). This was set (and filmed) in Toronto and Paris - 22 episodes in all, but it was unable to live up to the heights of its successor and was canned after just one season, although there are still some highlights to be had, and the flashbacks were as well handled as ever.
bulletHighlander: Endgame (2000) is the only - to date - movie spin-off from the TV series, and reunites Duncan with his clansman and mentor, Connor, as they face off the threat of a fellow Glenfinnan Immortal, Jacob Kell.

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Favourite episodes
Here's a quick list of my favourite episodes from each season of the show:

Season One
Eye of the Beholder
Meet Gabriel Pitone, played by Nigel Terry, better known for his movie roles in both The Lion in Winter and Excalibur.

Season Two
Legacy: Watch Amanda's character start to take off with this entertaining tale of the fabled Methuselah's Stone and the lengths one Immortal will go to to possess it.

Season Three
They Also Serve: Get an insight into the Watchers with this superb episode that also highlights one of Duncan's Far Eastern adventures.

Season Four
Something Wicked: Discover how a Dark Quickening can alter an Immortal's outlook on life.

Season Five
Little Tin God: Discover what happens when an Immortal goes round playing God...

Season Six
To Be/Not To Be: After a disappointing final season, Highlander redeems itself with its two-part finale - unmissable.



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