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A lot has been made of Endgame's inconsistencies. Here's my take on some of the major ones - hopefully it helps resolve some of them.

New York, 10 years ago...
bulletThe opening caption states Duncan's last meeting with Connor took place 10 years before. The film was released in 2000, just eight years after Connor had re-introduced Duncan to The Game in the series' debut episode A1, 'The Gathering'. What gives?
It's my belief the film is actually set in the 'future', the year 2002. That eliminates any inconsistencies with this date. Even if it was a cock up on the part of the film makers, nothing in Endgame would preclude it being set in 2002.

Duncan MacLeod was actually married?
bulletI think a lot of fans would have been dismayed by the fact that Duncan actually married Kate, when he's clearly had closer relationships with other women - Tessa and Amanda being two of them. There's also the episode where he's cursed by his gypsy lover who reads his palm and sees that he'll never marry (B4, 'The Darkness').
Duncan was actually cursed in 1842, whereas he had been married in 1715, 130 years before he met the gypsy. Unless he'd had his marriage to Kate annulled, he might have been still legally married in 1842 (not that anyone would test this, considering he should have been dead and buried decades before!), and therefore unable to marry again anyway.
bulletI actually think this part of the story works really well - he only knows Kate for three short years from first meeting to marriage night, and then she walks out on him.
bulletYou could argue that his previous marriage isn't mentioned in the series because his actions still humiliate and embarrass him. Also, there's no evidence to say he hasn't told Tessa, Amanda or whoever about this episode, even if he selectively 'forgot' to mention certain details like the fact he'd been married...

The Sanctuary - what's that all about?
bulletThe Sanctuary doesn't fit in with the Watchers' mandate to observe and record, but not to interfere.
The Sanctuary is a particular problem for many, and even I'm not too sure about it. That's more a criticism of the Watchers themselves, for not situating it on Holy Ground (whatever Kell insinuates, I don't think he'd go as far as to actually break the Holy Ground rule, although he's happy to stretch it).
bulletThe concept of the Sanctuary itself is fine with me - after all, we didn't even know the Watchers existed until the end of the first season of the TV series, although it's obvious that Methos knew about them before this, so it's not too much to expect other Immortals to be aware of the Watchers too.
bulletThe whole Sanctuary concept would be a recent innovation too, for two major reasons: one, the technology would only have been recently made available, while it's possible a faction of the Watchers, driven by rumours that the Gathering was at hand (remember how the first season of Highlander played out with this as its backdrop), saw it as a way of infinitely postponing the event.

Are the flashbacks consistent with canon?
bulletHow do the flashbacks fit into Duncan's life? Do they work?
The flashbacks between Duncan and Connor are perfect, and fit in seamlessly with Duncan's timeline. If there's one thing the makers of Highlander got right every time, it was Duncan's back story.
bulletDuncan's first meeting with Connor on the battlefield at Glen Fruin takes place in 1625, and is foretold by the hermit in the fifth-season episode E18, 'Archangel'.
bulletThe flashback in Ravenna Italy takes place in 1631, and while Duncan subsequently returns to Scotland briefly (the flashback in F6, Black Tower', takes place there in 1634) he returns to the continent again the next year on a mini-tour where he will eventually encounter Amanda and Fitz for the first time.
bulletI especially liked the comment made by Duncan in Ireland about it being the end of Scotland - he'd just come back from Queen Anne's court after the Act of Unification between England and Scotland had been passed (D8, 'Reluctant Heroes'), hence his depression, plus it set him up for his role in the Battle of Culloden in 1746.


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