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When Nick's mentor is first drugged and then murdered while serving as head of security at a bank currently hosting a 38-carat diamond, he becomes increasingly suspicious of Amanda, who is busy having her head turned by a mysterious - and charming - Immortal with designs on the diamond.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98111-211
bulletOriginal US airdate: 25th January, 1999
bulletWritten by: Durnford King
bulletDirected by: Don Paonessa
bulletGuest Cast: Geordie Johnson (Victor Hansen), Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Richard Fitzpatrick (Bob Marshall)

When Victor flatters Amanda on her past exploits we see flashbacks to Constantinople in 1753 (Amanda "liberated" the Star of Allah, but needed Duncan's help to escape - see C22, 'Finale - part two') and the first-season Highlander story (A18, 'The Lady and the Tiger'), when she stole the Guttenberg Bible. Victor claims to have been in Paris at the time.

Other Immortals
bulletVictor Hansen

bulletThis episode marks the last appearance of Lucy in the series (as well as Carl Magnus). Chances are she'd have shown up again in Toronto had a second season been forthcoming.
bulletVictor asks if Amanda stole Marie Antoinette's tiara. Her response: "Darling, steal is such a common word - I really prefer the term liberated."

This episode is notable for the chemistry between Elizabeth Gracen and Geordie Johnson, a renowned theatre actor in his native Canada (and possibly recognisable to fans of The English Patient, in which he had a small role). Nick's growing feelings for Amanda are played nicely, and the whole thing hangs together quite well. B+


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