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Nick stumbles on a dead Watcher after hearing gunshots. After a futile pursuit of the mysterious black-clad murderer, he returns to the scene of the crime to stumble on the Watchers - under the supervision of one Joe Dawson - bundling the body into a car. The meeting is no coincidence - Dawson is in town to warn Amanda of the arrival of Andre Korda, one of her ex-mentors.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98112-212
bulletOriginal US airdate: 8th February, 1999
bulletWritten by: Karen Harris
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Valentine Pelka (Andre Korda), Ellen Dubin (Crysta), Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson); Peter Mensah (Raphael), Helen Wu (Female Martial Artist)

bullet1907, China (coast)
Amanda encounters Korda for the first time and is assimilated into his organisation under his mentorship. She eventually realises his methods - and intimidatory tactics - are a little too much, even for her, and plots her escape.

Other Immortals
bulletAndre Korda

bulletThis is part one of a two-part story, designed to explain movement of the production to Paris for the second half of the season.
bulletValentine Pelka is instantly recognisable to all fans of the original series - he played a different Immortal called Kronos on a number of occasions in the latter part of the show's run, beginning with E11, 'Comes a Horseman'.
bulletThis is Jim Byrnes only appearance in Highlander: The Raven.

An excellent start, involving the return of Joe to the Highlander universe, but it sags quickly. Korda doesn't seem half as dangerous as he should, and it's hard to look past Valentine Pelka's last foray into the Highlander universe (although in Amanda's defence, she presumably never met Kronos so wouldn't have noticed the barely concealed similarities between the two). Tantalising conclusion though, setting things up for part two of the episode and the season. B-


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