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Myers saves Nick and whisks him off for rehabilitation while Amanda comes to France to either find him or gain revenge on her ex-mentor.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98114-214
bulletOriginal US airdate: 20th February, 1999
bulletWritten by: Frank Encarnacao
bulletDirected by: George Mendeluk
bulletGuest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Lysette Anthony (Debra Dow), Glynis Barber (Rachel), Michael Siberry (Frank Brennan); Audrey Moore (Young Woman), Trevor Stephens (Nestor)

bullet1994-5, Central Park, New York
Nick hears gunshots and rushes off to investigate, in the process saving Myers' life and triggering Frank Brennan's immortality at the same time.

Other Immortals
bulletFrank Brennan

bulletMichael Siberry previously appeared as Immortal Martin Hyde in the original series (B20, 'Prodigal Son'), but has most recently taken to the boards. In 2006 he portrayed King Arthur in the US and Canada touring party of Monty Python's Spamalot. I saw him a few years ago in theatre in Bath, but not in As You Like It (see here), and it turns out he's actually Australian.
bulletLysette Anthony is known around the world for different things: in the US she's probably best remembered for her starring role in Krull and appearance in the Bryan Adams' 'Run to You' video; in the UK I remember her for roles in an early 80s production of Ivanhoe and 80s sitcom Three Up, Two Down. See her full CV here.
bulletGlynis Barber married her Dempsey and Makepeace co-star Michael Landon, and is best known for her role in that series and the final season of UK sci-fi series Blake's 7. Visit her official site here.

Not a bad episode, although my judgement may be coloured by all the familiar faces on show! An interesting tale, tying together the loose ends of Myers' first meeting with Nick. Michael Siberry makes a suitably snarling villain, although once again he's no match for the more experienced Amanda. B


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