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An old adversary of Amanda's is revealed as the thief-cum-arsonist at a laboratory, but what exactly as she stolen, why did she steal it, and what will she do with it?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98115-215
bulletOriginal US airdate: 27th February, 1999
bulletWritten by: Elizabeth Baxter
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Michelle Gomez (Talia Bauer), Jolyon Baker (Michael Garrett), Eric Connor (Freddy), Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley); Warren Zavatta (Sumner), Joe Rezwin (Prison Guard), Stephanne Dausse (The Captain), Guy Amarin (Security Guard)

bullet1792, France
Amanda and her aristocratic companion are waylaid by Talia and a group of peasants, intent on taking some upper class blood...

Other Immortals
bulletLiam Riley
bulletTalia Bauer

bulletMichelle Gomez has become a familiar face to British audiences for her comedy roles in Green Wing, Feel the Force and The Book Club. Check out this unofficial fan site here.
bulletNadia Cameron is also credited for her appearances as Amanda's first mentor, Rebecca, in clips lifted from the original series (see B19, 'Legacy', and D16, 'Methuselah's Gift').

A good, solid episode. Gomez plays the role of Amanda's femme fatale well, although you do sometimes wonder how these Immortals have survived so long when they don't take the hint and cut and run... B+


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Toronto episodes
R1: Reborn (C)
R2: Full Disclosure (B)
R3: Bloodlines (C+)
R4: Immunity (C+)
R5: So Shall Ye Reap (B+)
R6: Birthright (B-)
R7: Crime & Punishment (B-)
R8: The Unknown Soldier (A-)
R9: Cloak & Dagger (B+)
R10: Passion Play  (A-)
R11: The Devil You Know (B+)
R12: A Matter of Time (B-)

Paris Episodes
R13: The French Connection (C+)
R14: The Rogue (B)
R15: Inferno (B+)
R16: The Frame (B+)
R17: Love and Death (B-)
R18: Thick as Thieves (B)
R19: The Manipulator (C+)
R20: The Ex-Files (B-)
R21: War & Peace (C+)
R22: Dead on Arrival (C)

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