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When a $20 million painting is stolen just seconds after Amanda and Nick deliver it on behalf of their rich client, the duo find themselves embroiled in a game of cross and double-cross as Amanda clashes with an old rival.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98116-216
bulletOriginal US airdate: 10th April, 1999
bulletWritten by: Tibby Rothman
bulletDirected by: George Mendeluk
bulletGuest Cast: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley), Charlotte Lewis (Jade), Ronan Vibert (Sir Trevor Benton), Derek Lea (Bob Hemmon), Philippe Caroit (Inspector Colbert); Christopher Barker (?), Marc Pierret

bullet1908, London, UK
Amanda and Jade go head-to-head on a diamond heist, with Amanda demonstrating her impeccable sense of timing after Jade does all the hard work...
bullet1908, Paris, France
Amanda is revealed as the subject for the very painting that gets nicked in this episode.

Other Immortals
bulletLiam Riley

bulletCharlotte Lewis was apparently named one of the top nine bodies for the 90s by Shape magazine. Her pre-Raven filmography is quite extensive (see the IMDb here), but since playing Jade she's only been credited with two parts, including a role in Hey DJ in 2005.
bulletRonan Vibert looks a little like a poor man's Alan Rickman, but that would be unfair to this talented actor. He has an extensive list of British TV credits in shows as diverse as Jeeves and Wooster, The Scarlet Pimpernel (playing Robespierre opposite Richard E Grant's Pimpernel), Hex and Midsomer Murders. His full CV can be viewed at the IMDb here.
bulletNick mentions to Liam that he was adopted - presumably Liam was as aware as Amanda to Nick's potential (one assumes they'd discussed this privately).

Another worthy episode, with the emphasis turned slightly to the lighter side after the previous episode. Jade and Amanda are like two peas in a pod, and the ending leaves you in little doubt that Amanda is not always one step ahead of her rival. B+


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Paris Episodes
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R17: Love and Death (B-)
R18: Thick as Thieves (B)
R19: The Manipulator (C+)
R20: The Ex-Files (B-)
R21: War & Peace (C+)
R22: Dead on Arrival (C)

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