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When Nick and Myers thwart a kidnapper's attempt to kill his victim despite being paid the ransom, they discover an old photo in the safe which suggests their foe knows a certain female Immortal acquaintance of theirs. But what is his 132-year old claim on her?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98117-217
bulletOriginal US airdate: 17th April, 1999
bulletWritten by: Jocelyne Barque Simmons
bulletDirected by: Gerard Hameline
bulletGuest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Stephen Billington (Derek Markham), Vincent Pickering (Burke), Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley); Solveig Shimha (Shopgirl), Barnaby Apps (News Vendor), Marie Legault (Svetlana), Marc Pierret (Pascal)

bullet1867, Manchester, UK
Derek introduces Amanda to the riches available through the kidnapping of wealthy offspring. Her appetite for the scheme goes sour when she discovers that he kills the victims even after the ransom has been paid - but only after she's legally bound herself to him...

Other Immortals
bulletLiam Riley
bulletDerek Markham

bulletThis episode marks the last of Hannes Jaenicke's seven appearances as Bert Myers in the series.
bulletStephen Billington has a British Soap Award for "Villain of the Year" in Coronation Street, which he won in 1999. Preparation for his role in The Raven perhaps? His most recent TV appearance was opposite ex-Bond villain Toby Stephens in Custer's Plan, which aired on BBC2 in early 2007.
bulletAmanda finally reveals the secret of Immortals to Myers during this episode in answer to his persistent questions, but he doesn't believe her.

A reasonable episode, with Markham's threat counteracting the lack of redeeming features for his character. The resolution is neatly played too, giving Amanda a believable means of besting him in the final confrontation. B-


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