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Nick and Amanda are hired to protect a casino from robbery only to be outfoxed by an Immortal friend of Amanda's - a thief whose rule of not killing sits badly with the veteran Interpol detective who's hot on his trial. Which side will Amanda side with? And how will Jeremy react?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98118-218
bulletOriginal US airdate: 24th April, 1999
bulletWritten by: James Thorpe
bulletDirected by: George Mendeluk
bulletGuest Cast: Jan Triska (Nicolae Breslaw), Stephen Moyer (Jeremy Dexter); Peggy Frankston (Queen Mary), Edwin Apps (Chancellor), Pierre Rousselle (Jurgen)

bullet1554, England
Jeremy and Amanda pose as monks to steal from the court of Queen Mary (or Bloody Mary as she became known). They part on good terms - Jeremy more reluctantly than Amanda it seems.

Other Immortals
bulletJeremy Dexter

bulletJan Triska reprises the role he played in the original series: E10, 'The Valkyrie'. He has a rich and varied CV on both sides of the Atlantic - see here.
bulletStephen Moyer was most recently seen in the BBC1 drama Lilies.
bulletThe flashback is ordinarily split over the course of the episode, but in this case it's shown in one long chunk.

A timely reminder that not all Immortals are black and white - Jeremy's character is well-rounded and his eventual fate, along with that of Breslaw, is a satisfying one, but the episode suffers for lumping its flashback into one long scene, which disrupts the story's overall flow. B


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