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Nick's ex-wife - a crusading lawyer - shows up in Paris with a case against a dangerous Immortal who will go to any lengths to keep her quiet. In harbouring her, Nick rekindles his relationship with Lauren, but can he keep her safe?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98120-220
bulletOriginal US airdate: 8th May, 1999
bulletWritten by: Karen Harris
bulletDirected by: George Mendeluk
bulletGuest Cast: Julian Wadham (Julian Heller), Rochelle Redfield (Lauren Wolfe), Elizabeth Kaza (Suzanne), Patrick Albenque (Spencer), Michel Albertini (Sergeant); Dirk Bromley (Jerry), Arno Duthiel (Glenn), Franck Marion (Phillips), Didier Kersten (Soldier #1), Marc Rioufol (Man), Veronica Antico (Helena), Marc Pierret (Pascal)

bullet1643, Black Forest, Europe
Amanda helps deliver a young prostitute's child only to find herself and her mentor, Susanne, accused of witchcraft by Heller, who decides to burn both for their "crime".

Other Immortals
bulletJulian Heller

bulletJulian Wadham is a recognisable face on British television, with a string of guest roles on major drama series to his name. He occasionally gets to play military types, but The Raven is his only genre credit to date. His IMDb entry is here.
bulletRochelle Redfield previously appeared in the sixth-season story, F6, 'Black Tower' as a different character. Although born in Dallas, she appears to be based in France, judging by her list of IMDb credits (see here), appearing in a French sitcom over a 14-year period from 1992-2006.
bulletAmanda gets the quickening, but she doesn't take Heller's head. You can probably guess who has that pleasure.

Another uninteresting villain with no redeeming qualities, but Nick's relationship with Lauren is brilliantly played by both actors, and helps give the episode a sense of gravitas it probably doesn't really deserve. B-


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Toronto episodes
R1: Reborn (C)
R2: Full Disclosure (B)
R3: Bloodlines (C+)
R4: Immunity (C+)
R5: So Shall Ye Reap (B+)
R6: Birthright (B-)
R7: Crime & Punishment (B-)
R8: The Unknown Soldier (A-)
R9: Cloak & Dagger (B+)
R10: Passion Play  (A-)
R11: The Devil You Know (B+)
R12: A Matter of Time (B-)

Paris Episodes
R13: The French Connection (C+)
R14: The Rogue (B)
R15: Inferno (B+)
R16: The Frame (B+)
R17: Love and Death (B-)
R18: Thick as Thieves (B)
R19: The Manipulator (C+)
R20: The Ex-Files (B-)
R21: War & Peace (C+)
R22: Dead on Arrival (C)

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