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Nick engages the help of Amanda when he's asked to steal back some plans that have fallen into a Romanian diplomat's hands. She's only too happy to help - despite the fact they're posing as newly weds - considering she's been selected from hundreds to be an Immortal's next kill...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98104-204
bulletOriginal US airdate: 17th October, 1998
bulletWritten by: Karen Harris
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Tara Rosling (Marta Antonescu), James Kee (Stefan Collier); Sten Eirik (Divaj), Mark Melymick (Gordon Norris), Conrad Bergschneider (Jail Guard), Deborah Lobban (Matron)


Other Immortals
bulletStefan Collier

bulletSeattle-born Tara Rosling was raised in British Columbia and has a ten-year career in television and theatre - find out more about her with this CBC interview from May 2006.
bulletThis is Hannes Jaenicke's second appearance as Bert Myers - check out his IMDB entry here.
bulletAmanda describes The Game to Nick for the first time - suffice to say, he's not that impressed.

Oh dear - at this point in the Raven's fledgling life, it was clear the producers wanted to downplay the Immortal side of things, Amanda's on-off fight with Stefan Collier clearly relegated to the B-story. Sadly, the A-story isn't much cop, although there's some nice interplay between Nick and Amanda - and Bert's relationship with Marta is just a little convenient for this jaded critic's liking. C+


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Toronto episodes
R1: Reborn (C)
R2: Full Disclosure (B)
R3: Bloodlines (C+)
R4: Immunity (C+)
R5: So Shall Ye Reap (B+)
R6: Birthright (B-)
R7: Crime & Punishment (B-)
R8: The Unknown Soldier (A-)
R9: Cloak & Dagger (B+)
R10: Passion Play  (A-)
R11: The Devil You Know (B+)
R12: A Matter of Time (B-)

Paris Episodes
R13: The French Connection (C+)
R14: The Rogue (B)
R15: Inferno (B+)
R16: The Frame (B+)
R17: Love and Death (B-)
R18: Thick as Thieves (B)
R19: The Manipulator (C+)
R20: The Ex-Files (B-)
R21: War & Peace (C+)
R22: Dead on Arrival (C)

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