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It's Amanda's turn to call on Nick when she asks for assistance in hunting down the killers of an old friend's son. As they uncover the truth, they discover themselves the wrong side of a federal cover up that could lead to a major drop in the world population...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 98105-205
bulletOriginal US airdate: 24th October, 1998
bulletWritten by: Michael O’Mahoney and Sacha Reins
bulletDirected by: Rene Bonniere
bulletGuest Cast: Lawrence Dane (Charlie Johnson, Sr.), Chuck Shamata (Martin Foster), Frank Pellegrino (Hewlitt), Carl Marotte (Young Charles), Catherine Bruhier (Chase MacAffee), Paulino Nunes (Officer Dutton)

bullet1968, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Charlie meets Amanda for the first time, and during a dance discovers her secret when she's shot by a mysterious gunman

Other Immortals

bulletLawrence Dane has a TV career stretching back to the 1960s and a supporting role opposite Sir Roger Moore in The Saint. Check out his full CV at IMDB here.
bulletFrank Pellegrino is not the same actor who appeared in Goodfellas, The Sopranos and various cop shows - our Frank's IMDB entry is here.

The best episode of the series so far. Despite the lack of Immortal foe, 'So Shall Ye Reap' is a tightly plotted story, with some excellent characterisation from the leading actors. The flashback is beautifully handled - especially Amanda's reaction to the events unfolding around her. It's also good to see the chemistry between Nick and Amanda get better and better. B+


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Toronto episodes
R1: Reborn (C)
R2: Full Disclosure (B)
R3: Bloodlines (C+)
R4: Immunity (C+)
R5: So Shall Ye Reap (B+)
R6: Birthright (B-)
R7: Crime & Punishment (B-)
R8: The Unknown Soldier (A-)
R9: Cloak & Dagger (B+)
R10: Passion Play  (A-)
R11: The Devil You Know (B+)
R12: A Matter of Time (B-)

Paris Episodes
R13: The French Connection (C+)
R14: The Rogue (B)
R15: Inferno (B+)
R16: The Frame (B+)
R17: Love and Death (B-)
R18: Thick as Thieves (B)
R19: The Manipulator (C+)
R20: The Ex-Files (B-)
R21: War & Peace (C+)
R22: Dead on Arrival (C)

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