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A serial killer - known as 'The Scalper' - is mimicking the actions of a long-dead Immortal who, betrayed by the woman he loves, becomes a killer. When one of Tessa's friends narrowly escaped murder - leaving her traumatised - Duncan becomes involved, reaching into his memory to try and prevent the copycat killings from continuing.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92114-11
bulletOriginal US airdate: 1st February 1993
bulletWritten by: Brian Clemens
bulletDirected by: Thomas J Wright
bulletGuest Cast: Amanda Wyss (Randi McFarland); John Hertzler (Marcus Korolus); Tim Reid (Sergeant Bennett); Moira Walley (Natalie Ward), Dee McCafferty (The Scalper), Fulvio Cecere (Tony Graffini), Kelli Fox (Police Woman), Raimund Stamm (Herbie), Wanda Wilkinson (Helen), Glynda Fitzgerald (Brunette Woman)

bullet1925, Seacouver, Pacific North West
Duncan takes the head of Marcus Korolus, an actor driven insane by a betrayal from the woman he loved 300 years before.

Other Immortals
bulletMarcus Karolus

bulletAlthough this is officially episode A11, it was actually transmitted after A12, 'Eyewitness', when first broadcast back in 1993.
bulletJohn Hertzler is better known to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans as Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire (among other roles on the same series). He also played a Klingon in a second-season episode of Enterprise, while other genre appearances have included Lois & Clark, Zorro, Quantum Leap and Charmed. He is sometimes credited as J G Hertzler.
bulletWriter Brian Clemens is a veteran British writer best known for his work on The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals. He has writing credits stretching back to 1956, and co-wrote the story for Highlander II: The Quickening with William Panzer.

An ultimately forgettable episode - in fact, the back story for Marcus as provided by the Watcher's Chronicles (on the season one DVD) makes for a more interesting waste of your time. C-


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A2: Family Tree (C+)
A3: The Road Not Taken (B-)
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A7: Mountain Men (C+)
A8: Deadly Medicine (C)
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A10: Revenge is Sweet (C)
A11: See No Evil (C-)
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Paris episodes
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A15: For Tomorrow We Die (B)
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A17: Saving Grace (B)
A18: The Lady and the Tiger (C+)
A19: Eye of the Beholder (B+)
A20: Avenging Angel (A-)
A21: Nowhere to Run (B-)
A22: The Hunters (B+)

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