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Is Tessa going mad? She's convinced she witnessed a murder, but there's no body. And when it transpires that there was a murder, and that the painter was murdered by her Immortal lover when she threatened to betray his secret, and that this Immortal has a dangerously close connection to the case in question, well it's time for Duncan MacLeod to get involved.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92115-12
bulletOriginal US airdate: 7th December, 1992
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Ray Austin
bulletGuest Cast: Amanda Wyss (Randi McFarland); Tom Butler (Andrew Ballin); Tim Reid (Sergeant Bennett); Sheila Paterson (Greta), Diana Barrington (Anne Wheeler), Christopher Gaze (Martin Sorrel), David Petersen (Detective Taylor), Stephen Fanning (Jack)


Other Immortals
bulletAndrew Ballin

bulletAlthough officially episode 12, this was actually the tenth Highlander episode to be transmitted, coming before A2, 'Family Tree' and A11, 'See no Evil'.
bulletTom Butler is another genre veteran, with a massive list of credits including The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Sliders, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Stargate SG-1. Read up on his résumé here.
bulletI recently walked past Tom Butler in a Vancouver street while on holiday there. No, I did not invade his privacy (for starters, I'm ashamed to say I could only remember his character's name)...

At this stage in the series' life, it was still struggling to find its feet. It's not an awful episode, but then again it's not that memorable, either. C+


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Paris episodes
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A15: For Tomorrow We Die (B)
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A17: Saving Grace (B)
A18: The Lady and the Tiger (C+)
A19: Eye of the Beholder (B+)
A20: Avenging Angel (A-)
A21: Nowhere to Run (B-)
A22: The Hunters (B+)

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