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Xavier St Cloud has lived a hedonistic life through the ages, robbing and killing in his endless pursuit of riches. His latest scam killed six in a jewellery robbery, but he's not finished yet, and targets a charity benefit attended by the rich and famous as his next big win, an event being organised by one Tessa Noel...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92116-15
bulletOriginal US airdate: 22nd February, 1993
bulletWritten by: Philip John Taylor
bulletDirected by: Robin Davis
bulletGuest Cast: Roland Gift (Xavier St Cloud), Werner Stocker (Darius); Hughes LeForestier (Inspector Lebrun), Mapi Galan (Renee de Tassigny), Jean Claude Deret (Dalou), Sandrine Caron (Nathalie), Tanguy Gouasdoue (Stan), Francine Olivier (Madame Bertrand), Thierry de Carbonniers (Francois Bertrand), Philippe Agael (Medical Examiner), and Crystel Amsalem (Young Girl)

bullet1917, near the Western Front, France
MacLeod has chosen to take part in World War I, but instead of fighting he's decided to join the Red Cross and help the dying and wounded of both sides. While taking cover from an external attack, the pay van is ambushed by Xavier, who kills everyone with mustard gas as he steals the money.

Other Immortals
bulletXavier St Cloud

bulletRoland Gift is best known as the lead singer in 80s pop trio Fine Young Cannibals, but he also developed an acting career in parallel, which included supporting roles in Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, and Scandal. Visit his official Web site here.
bulletXavier loses his hand at the end of the episode, proving that Immortals don't have the recuperative power to grow new limbs. He makes four more appearances in Highlander: B14-15, 'Unholy Alliance, parts one and two; C21, 'Finale, part one'; and D19, 'Double Jeopardy'.

An interesting episode, especially as it seems to mark a shift away from 'Duncan killing the Immortal of the Week episode', giving the show more legs for a longer run. We'll even forgive the later flashbacks from 'Finale' and 'Double Jeopardy', both of which are set before 1917 - I guess it's not implicitly implied that Duncan and Xavier's first meeting was on the battlefield in World War I. B


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