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A deadly herbal drug takes the life of Richie's friend, and MacLeod suspects the source of the drug is another Immortal, Kiem Sun, who has long sought to perfect such a drug and remove its lethal side effects for the betterment of mankind. But a disciple of Kiem Sun's is using the drug for his own gain, and MacLeod and his old friend must track him down.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92108-3
bulletOriginal US airdate: 12th October, 1992
bulletWritten by: Terry Nelson
bulletDirected by: Thomas J Wright
bulletGuest Cast: Soon-Teck Oh (Kiem Sun); Dustin Nguyen (Chu Lin), Christianne Hirt (Angie); Wendell Wright (Sergeant Powell), Kim Kondrashoff (Forks), Alan C Peterson (Bartender), Paul Stafford (Officer #1), Lisa Bunting (Woman Hostage)

bullet1880, China
Duncan is summoned to China to visit old friend Kiem Sun, who claims to have perfected a drug he has been working on for centuries.

Other Immortals
bulletKiem Sun

bulletThis episode is the first to highlight Duncan's intricate back-history. The reference to his first meeting with Kiem Sun would suggest it post-dated his trip to Japan (C1, 'The Samurai'), and led on to his meeting with May-Ling Shen in season three's 'They Also Serve' (C12).
bulletKiem Sun is the first Immortal to survive Duncan's sword - however, the fact the pair parted on bad terms does not suggest that the producers had abandoned the idea of the Gathering at this point. It could merely have set them up for a later confrontation.
bulletThe flashback has previously been erroneously attributed to 1780, but it's clear from the comments made (and Duncan's accent) that it takes place in the late 19th Century. This clears up at least one seeming inconsistency, which had suggested that Duncan had first met Kiem Sun in the late 17th Century, when he was still very much attached to Western Europe. This springs from Duncan's comment that they hadn't seen each other for 100 years.
bulletThis is the third episode shown, after 'Innocent Man', A4.

A good solid episode (especially by season one standards) that marries some strong characterisation with the series' ability to see 'bad' Immortals in more than just one light. B-


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