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An Immortal friend of MacLeod's (Lucas Desiree) is beheaded in his isolated mountain retreat where he had hoped - like MacLeod - to retire from the fight for a while. A brain-damaged, homeless veteran is charged with the grisly crime, and an attempt is made to link him to the killing of Slan Quince. MacLeod must try and clear the innocent man and unravel the mystery of who killed his friend.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 92103-4
bulletOriginal US airdate: 5th October, 1992
bulletWritten by: Dan Gordon
bulletDirected by: Jorge Montesi
bulletGuest Cast: Amanda Wyss (Randi McFarland); Vincent Schiavelli (Leo Atkins), John Novack (Sheriff Howard Crowley); Wendell Wright (Sergeant Powell), Victor Young (Lucas Desiree), Todd Duckworth (Deputy Struthers), Gary Chalk (Lemoyne), Colleen Winton (Gwenn), Jason Michas (Confederate Guard)

bulletc1861-3, Union/Confederate border, USA
Duncan is hanged for being a spy by Confederates for helping slaves escape to the North. He is later dug up by Lucas.

Other Immortals
bulletLucas Desiree
bulletHoward Crowley

bulletLucas Desiree is the first Immortal in the series to be killed by an Immortal other than Duncan MacLeod - as you might expect, it's not the last, either.
bulletAmanda Wyss makes her first appearance as probing journalist Randi McFarland in this episode. She also appears in episodes A6, A8, A11, A12 and A13.
bulletThis was actually the second episode shown in the show's initial run, presumably because of the link to Slan Quince from 'The Gathering' (A1).

It's understandable why this episode was promoted ahead of the awful 'Family Tree' (A2). It's also interesting to see what survived - and what didn't - from these early episodes (in this case, the idea of Immortals being pursued by the law for beheading). B


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Seacouver episodes
A1: The Gathering (C+)
A2: Family Tree (C+)
A3: The Road Not Taken (B-)
A4: Innocent Man (B)
A5: Free Fall (D+)
A6: Bad Day in Building A (C-)
A7: Mountain Men (C+)
A8: Deadly Medicine (C)
A9: The Sea Witch (B-)
A10: Revenge is Sweet (C)
A11: See No Evil (C-)
A12: Eyewitness (C+)
A13: Band of Brothers (A-)

Paris episodes
A14: For Evil's Sake (C+)
A15: For Tomorrow We Die (B)
A16: The Beast Below (C+)
A17: Saving Grace (B)
A18: The Lady and the Tiger (C+)
A19: Eye of the Beholder (B+)
A20: Avenging Angel (A-)
A21: Nowhere to Run (B-)
A22: The Hunters (B+)

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