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Duncan follows a lead back to the Pacific Northwest as he continues to investigate Darius' death. He meets Joe Dawson, a bookstore owner with a secret: Dawson is a high-ranking member of an ancient secret organization known as The Watchers, who observe and record the lives of the Immortals, passing their archives down from generation to generation. Unknown to Dawson, his brother-in-law James Horton - Darius' killer - has been recruiting Watchers to kill Immortals. We are left with the knowledge that other renegade Watchers may be waiting to try for MacLeod's head.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93201-23
bulletOriginal US airdate: 27th September, 1993
bulletWritten by: Marie-Chantal Droney
bulletDirected by: Clay Borris
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Hudson (Horton), Kehli O'Byrne (Lynn), Cameron Bancroft (Robert); Douglas Arthurs (Joey), Brad Loree (Belson), Ajay Karah (Busboy)


Other Immortals

bulletSeries regular Joe Dawson makes his first appearance in this episode. Unfortunately actor/musician Jim Byrnes doesn't have a Web presence at the moment, but star Adrian Paul does, so check out his official Web site by clicking here.
bulletCameron Bancroft later returns as the Immortal David Keogh in the third season: C8, 'Obsession'.
bulletThis is the first time the Watchers are introduced to the Highlander universe.
bulletPaul Edmonds, who runs a superb Highlander Web site, has some interesting notes on Peter Hudson's convention appearance in 1999 here.

A reasonable introduction to season two, but it's not helped by Horton's character, who has no redeeming features whatsoever, which must have been difficult for the actor to work with. Nice reference to the Kurgan in a throwaway line, though. B


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