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Tommy is an innocent bystander who's accidentally killed during a swordfight between MacLeod and the Immortal Anthony Gallen. Haunted by what he sees as an unnecessary death, MacLeod tries to find out more about the dead man - and discovers he isn't exactly the innocent bystander he appeared.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93210-32
bulletOriginal US airdate: 29th November, 1993
bulletWritten by: Philip John Taylor
bulletDirected by: Clay Borris
bulletGuest Cast: Roddy Piper (Gallen), Andrea Roth (Suzanne), Ken Camroux (Honniger), Jan D'Arcy (Betty Bannen); Robert Collins (Johnson), Gabrielle Miller (Bess), Nicholas Harrison (Ned), Bill Dow (Harry), Paul McLean (Frank), Patricia Dahlquist (Mother), Jane Sowerby (Claire)

bullet1866, Annapolis, USA
Mac is caught (literally) rolling in the hay by the girl in question's fiance. During the ensuing duel she is caught in the middle and accidentally killed.

Other Immortals
bulletAnthony Gallen

bulletRoddy Piper was better known as 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper from 80s and 90s WWF wrestling. Find out more about the Scottish-born wrestler-cum-actor at the Wrestling Museum, here.
bulletAdrian Paul required four stitches in his hand after an accident during a fight scene with Piper.

A nothing story, and in many ways typical of many Seacouver-based episodes. Still, the Quickening at the end is almost worth the wait. C-


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