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When her mentor Rebecca is killed, Amanda is determined to avenge the death, even though it means going up against the formidable Immortal Luther, and very possibly losing her head. She comes to Mac for a final fling before her likely death, and when he discovers that she's after Luther, he tries to take the battle on himself, feeling he has a better chance of survival. Together they discover that Luther is hunting the pieces of an ancient crystal that Rebecca divided among her students, believing that the whole crystal will make him invulnerable and ensure that he is the Last Immortal.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93219-41
bulletOriginal US airdate: 2nd May, 1994
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Paolo Barzman
bulletGuest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Emile Abossolo-M'bo (Luther), Nadia Cameron (Rebecca Horne); James Smillie (John Bowers), Pierre Martot (Raynaud), Roger Bret (Vendor), Joseph Rezwin (Paul Millet), Louise Vincent (Alice Millet), Alan Brandon (Retailer), Bernard Herve (Hooded Leader), Guy Dhers (Hooded Man)

bullet850-853, Paris, France
Rebecca rescues the newly Immortal Amanda from the collectors of the dead during a plague outbreak and then prepares her for The Game.
bullet1635, Europe
Duncan meets Amanda (and Rebecca) for the first time. Unsurprisingly, she tries to rob him. Equally unsurprisingly, she's unsuccessful.

Other Immortals
bulletAmanda (see A)
bulletRebecca Horne (see H)
bulletLuther (see L)
bulletHenri Valjean (see V)

bulletEagle-eyed fans of James Bond will notice Nadia Cameron's turn as Beth Davidson in Tomorrow Never Dies. She most recently appeared on British TV as Florence (credited as Nadia Cameron-Blakey) in the opening episode of BBC1's A Most Mysterious Murder.
bulletThere's a follow-up to this story - featuring Nadia Cameron in flashback - in the fourth season. It's D16, 'Methusaleh's Gift'.
bulletFor the second time we are shown flashbacks that precede Duncan's birth (the first was in the previous episode B18, 'Pharaoh's Daughter').

Another cracking episode - and Amanda finally gets some real meat to add to her character.


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