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When MacLeod and Richie are witness to a terrorist attack on an Ambassador, Richie dives in like a superhero, cocky with Immortality. In the resulting confusion, one of the terrorists is killed, and another, Annie Devlin, an Immortal, is captured. She swears revenge on Richie, and when she escapes from custody, Mac takes on the task of educating Richie so that he will have a chance in combat against her.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93205-27
bulletOriginal US airdate: 25th October, 1993
bulletWritten by: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossolet
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Sheena Easton (Annie Devlin); Andrew A Kavadas (Mick), Callum Keith Rennie (Neal), Eric Schneider (O'Hara), Kris Keller (Tommy), Brian Furlong (Kerry), Terry Arrowsmith (Rawls)

bullet1919, nr Dublin, Ireland
Annie and her mortal husband try to convince Duncan to join the Irish revolution. He refuses and Annie's husband is killed. Annie refuses to escape with Duncan.

Other Immortals
bulletAnnie Devlin

bulletSheena Easton is the last rock star to appear in Highlander (ignoring Roger Daltrey and Roland Gift's return appearances). Visit her official Web site here.
bulletCallum Keith Rennie has gone to bigger and better things, and will shortly be appearing in the third Blade movie. He returned to the Highlander universe as Tyler King in D3, 'The Innocent' and played opposite Paul Gross in Due South. Check out his full list of acting credits here.

Sorry. Despite the interesting stuff about Richie's emergence as an Immortal, the whole Irish question and Annie's relationship with Mac just don't cut the mustard. C+


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Season Two list
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Seacouver episodes
B1: The Watchers (B-)
B2: Studies in Light (B)
B3: Turnabout (C-)
B4: The Darkness (B+)
B5: An Eye For An Eye (C+)
B6: The Zone (B-)
B7: The Return of Amanda (B)
B8: Revenge of the Sword (C-)
B9: Run for Your Life (B+)
B10: Epitaph for Tommy (C-)
B11: The Fighter (A-)
B12: Under Color of Authority (B+)
B13: Bless This Child (C+)
B14: Unholy Alliance (I) (C+)

Paris episodes
B15: Unholy Alliance (II) (A-)
B16: The Vampire (B-)
B17: Warmonger (B)
B18: Pharaoh's Daughter (A-)
B19: Legacy (A)
B20: Prodigal Son (B-)
B21: Counterfeit (I) (C-)
B22: Counterfeit (II) (B)

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