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Amanda returns to town, telling MacLeod she's retired from her life of crime. He doesn't believe her - especially when two guys start shooting at them. Mac thinks the guys might be Watchers, but in fact they are FBI Agents. Amanda is in possession of some plates for counterfeit money, stolen in Germany before the War. She's looking for an engraver to change the dates, figuring since she's sworn to give up stealing money, she'll have to print some up.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93207-29
bulletOriginal US airdate: 8th November, 1993
bulletWritten by: Dave Tynan
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Don S Davis (Palance), Robert Wisden (Werner); Jano Frandsen (Rutger), Michael Puttonen (Lev Arkin), Mithcell Kosterman (Jeffries), Ewan 'Sudsy' Clark (Heinrich), Joe Maffei (Harry), Curtis Bechdholt (Busboy)

bullet1936, Berlin, Germany
Duncan helps a physicist escape the Nazis while Amanda steals plates for US dollars. He lets Amanda escape in the airplane in his place.

Other Immortals

bulletThis is Elizabeth Gracen's second appearance as Amanda. Her official Web site is here.
bulletDon S Davis is a genre veteran, with credits in The X-Files among others. His most recent starring role has been in the superlative Stargate SG-1. Check out his official site here - you'll find out just how talented an artist he is on top of his acting work.
bulletRobert Wisden has also appeared in Stargate SG-1. He returns to the Highlander universe as Immortal William Culbraith (E10, 'The Messenger').

This is better. Elizabeth Gracen shows flashes of what will eventually make Amanda such a popular character. That said, did they really have to pad out five minutes with a flashback to her earlier appearance in 'The Lady and The Tiger'? B


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B19: Legacy (A)
B20: Prodigal Son (B-)
B21: Counterfeit (I) (C-)
B22: Counterfeit (II) (B)

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