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Jimmy Sang, a former student of Charlie's, is an up-and-coming martial arts movie star. His latest movie is filming some scenes in the dojo. When a stuntman is "accidentally" killed, MacLeod is the first to realize that Jimmy's life is in danger. It turns out that the movie is based on Jimmy's youthful experiences as an enforcer for a powerful gang, and now his former boss wants to see him dead.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 93208-30
bulletOriginal US airdate: 15th November, 1993
bulletWritten by: Aubrey Solomon
bulletDirected by: Clay Borris
bulletGuest Cast: Dustin Nguyen (Jimmy Sang), Debbie Podowski (Lisa), Robert Ito (Johnny Leong); Frank Crudele (Giuseppe), Mina E. Mina (Lao), Johnny Mah (Hong), Vernon Rieta (Soo),
Jai West (Kid)

bullet1905, New York, USA
Duncan tries to help a grocer fight the Black Hand in turn-of-the-century New York. Unfortunately, the grocer is shot for not paying protection.

Other Immortals

bulletRobert Ito returns as Hideo Koto in the third-season opener C1, 'The Samurai'.
bulletDustin Nguyen previously played Chu Lin in the first-season episode A3, 'The Road Not Taken'.

An ultimately forgettable episode, with too many clich├ęs and not enough Immortals. C-


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